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2011 LIST


Last year while I was in Jerusalem I found this list.  I decided to take that list and make it my own.  I added some new things and took off a few things.  Checking things off the list became really fun for Jordan and I.  Last year we weren't able to check everything off the list, but we were definitely able to do some really fun things.  It was also great for those times where we couldn't decide what to do.  We would just say, "Let's do something from our list!"

Because we enjoyed it so much last year, we decided to make a new one this year.  Click here to see our list from last year.

Here is our 2011 list (click on the links to see more information, maybe our opinion or thoughts about the activity or place, and definitely pictures...) :

1.7 Peaks
2.Airport road loop 
4.Antelope Island
9.Bicentennial Park
10.Bike to Sandy
15.Buy something at a garage sale
20.Cherry Lane Boutique 
22.Classic skating
23.Climb a mountain
24.Despain Trail on the shores of Utah Lake
25.Dinner for both of us for $5 or less
26.Do a cannonball
29.Driving range – Any golf course
33.Food and Care Coalition – Volunteer
34.Footprinters Park - Fishing
35.Full moon lift
37.Go to a play
42.Heber Creeper 
43.Hogle Zoo
45.IFA Country Store
46.Jackson Pollack painting
48.Jello restaurant
50.Juice n' Java – Order a white hot chocolate
52.Living Room – Hike
54.Lover’s Lane
56.Maria Bonita
57.Material Girls
60.Night on the town
62.Outdoor movie
63.Paint chairs
66.Plant a tree
68.Random library movie
70.Salt Flats
71.San Felipe, Mexico
72.Scera Theater
74.See a shooting star
75.Ski Sundance
76.Skip rocks
77.Slate Canyon – Hike
78.Smoking Apple
80.St. George
81.St. George Temple
82.Star of Bethlehem BYU planetarium
83.Startup's Candy co. buy an Opera Bar and a box of Magnolias
84.Summer people watch at the Gateway [we did this in the fall...]
85.Sweet’s Island Restaurant
86.Take a name through the temple
87.Terra Mia
88.Touch the ocean
89.Trio Café
91.Zion’s National Park


  1. i love that you do this! i was happy to see Secret Lake on there because my family goes there every year! it's a fun little hike. i will keep thinking about some other fun things to add to your list. it was fun to see you last night!

  2. How about "Mesa Temple" or "Spring Training in AZ"? We'd love to have you!

  3. Visit the cecils and kiss a newborn baby!! That's two! We are SO copying this idea for our family for family night!!! Love and miss you!

  4. You've got some good ones on there! Maria's is delicious...and Maria is so freaking cute! The hot air ballon fiesta-totally worth it. We did a quick trip out to it last year (I didn't even know about it till about 24 hours before we took off to go) but, so fun!


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