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2011 List: 47. Jazz Game

Last night we checked the first thing off our 2011 list. Woo! After school, we headed to Salt Lake. Little did we know that we would have to brave huge gusts of wind and snowy weather on our way but thankfully we made it safely. The Jazz were playing the Golden State Warriors.

View from our nose bleed seats...ha Sadly the Jazz lost 100-107. We thought it was funny that we have been to Energy Solutions 4 times together and have paid a total of $17.75 for all of our tickets (all of that was for last nights game) AND we have sat in great seats, almost front row (rows 2 and 4, I think), twice! But those were for BYU games. Still very fun though.

The view we saw as we walked out of the game - oops left the flash on, ended up with a pretty cool snowy picture though.

We had a great time. This weekend we're heading to Colorado. Cannot wait for a little break.

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