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2011 List: 6.Bamboo Hut

One thing I love about having a list is if we're not sure what to do on a Friday night we just pick something from the list. It's great.

On Friday night, Jordan and I headed down to Bamboo Hut.

Jordan's food is on the right. He got the Surfer 1 with Ono Chicken. I got the Broke Hawaiian (Only 3.99!) with Teriyaki Chicken. I think Jordan's was a little bit better than mine. His chicken had more flavor.

We even liked the murals on the wall.  It was a great, cheap, little date. I would recommend it.

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  1. My boss gave me a gift certificate there for Christmas except you had you use all the money in one visit, so Devin and I got a TON of food and it was delicious! Only problem is, there was so much I can't remember what I liked the best, but Ono chicken is ringing a bell. Your pictures make me want to go back! :)


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