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Valentine's Day

This is the blog post where almost all of my pictures were taken on my dining room table. Totally unplanned. Married Valentine's Day is much better than single Valentine's Day, I must say. Jordan bought me beautiful flowers from the Flower Basket. This is the same place where he bought the flowers he gave me when he proposed. This picture doesn't really show the pretty lilies, but they are there, hiding out in the back. I liked the purples and pinks too though so this picture is great anyway. Jordan also gave me some red Toms. I've been wanting these for a while, so he did a great job on this one as well. It was exactly what I hoped he would give me. That night Jordan and I each made a heart shaped pizza. It was sure delicious!
I bought Jordan Jazz tickets. We're going to the game tonight! What a great Valentine's Day!

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  1. Never heard of Tom Toms, do tell. Love the flowers, love the pizza, and the tickets ROCK! Happy Valentine's Day from the Cecils! ~Laura


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