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I got glasses today! What do you think? I couldn't see the board in class or signs while driving so I got my eyes checked. They're not too bad but they thought that it couldn't help to give me low prescription glasses to wear during class or when driving or at night when my eyes get tired.

I did an art card swap with Brittany and this is the beautiful card she sent me. If she doesn't receive the one I sent her soon, I will assume that it was lost in the mail and post a picture of it.



You might not be able to see this very well, but please check out this woman's hair. At least 1 foot tall. Seriously. We saw this woman as we were driving home from school today. I really wish I could have taken a better picture because her hair was HUGE! Please look at the distance between her nose and the back of her hair. Just add a few seashells and maybe a feather or two and there you have it! Marie Antoinette driving a Denali.

Oh the places you'll go....(4)

From Maura

Mt. Sinai
Kara, skiing @ Copper Mtn

Western Wall

Cancun, Mexico

Petra, view from the High Place

Walking to church

If you still haven't (or maybe you already have...), send me some pictures! I love getting them!

2011 List: 79.Spring Training in AZ

We had a wonderful weekend down in AZ. We headed down there on Thursday after school, with a quick stop in Las Vegas. Jordan was amazing and drove all night (we didn't get there until 7:30am!). We stayed at my Aunt and Uncle's house in Chandler and loved every minute of it!

We went to 3 games in 3 days, watched 2 games on TV (BYU with the Jimmer show), went to the temple, relaxed, and spent time with family. It was a wonderful weekend in the 80 degree weather.

Games we went to:
Rangers @ Indians
Indians @ Angels
Angels @ Rockies

Surprisingly we aren't Indian fans, we just happened to follow them around all weekend. Landan, Jordan's brother is a big Angels fan so it was fun that we were able to see them play twice, and even go to their stadium. And it was really fun to go to the Rockies new stadium (and watch Tulo hit 2 homeruns!).

It was a great weekend. I wish we could have stayed with my family for a few more days but we had to come back to real life :( and school (dang).

The ride home on the other hand was less than ideal. Some of it was actually terrifying. Just south of Flagstaff, it started snowing and the roads were pretty nasty. At one point we had to slam on our brakes to come to a complete stop, on the highway mind you. It was a good thing that on Wednesday before we left we bought new tires. We were able to stop and were so lucky we didn't hit the guy in front of us. Right after that a car came flying down the shoulder right next to us and hit a car that was about 3 cars ahead of us. The guy in front of us (the white Pontiac) he turned the front of his car like he was going to go around the truck in front of him, but then another car whizzed by, but this one slammed into Mr. White Pontiac's nose, which resulted in his bumper being whipped off as well as his front tire (which you can't see from the picture). Then we heard 2 crashes behind us and just hoped and prayed that the cars behind us wouldn't come slamming into the back of our car. The most scary part was when the Blazer pictured below was driving on the center divider on 2 wheels and almost rolled on top of our car. Totally terrifying. Almost every car around us was totally smashed. Only 3 cars, including ours made it out safely. I think we counted 15 totaled cars as we weaved around the messes to get out. We were all shaking and couldn't believe that we made it out untouched. It was a miracle.


Have you ever heard of it?  It's really neat.  Remember this blog post?  It is exactly what I need.

Check out my pins...

Click here to take a look.

2011 List: 51.Las Vegas

Last night on our way down to Arizona, we decided to stop in Las Vegas. I was excited because I had never been before. It was a really quick stop but it was still way fun. We parked at the Bellagio and walked around a bit as well as watched the fountain show (a few times...). It was actually really cool, because we think they were filming an episode of The Bachelor while we were there so we got to see 3 shows within about 10 minutes. It was a fun hour and a half taste of Las Vegas.

I could only snap a few pics of the love birds, sorry they're so blurry. My Bachelor loving readers, I hope you enjoy this...(and if you do watch, please tell me if it actually was this show or if it was something else, I'm pretty positive it was though...)

Oh the places you'll go...(3)

I have received a few more feet pictures recently!

Kara, at the Jazz Game

Family dog, Nugget
Brother, Logan
Jordan's mom, Martha

Thanks!  Please send me a picture if you still haven't and want to (


Now don't be confused, this may look like cobbler, or apple crisp, but it isn't.  It is really an Apple Pie!

Happy Pi[e] Day!

P.s. If Jordan  someone wanted to make me very happy he they would get me a nice glass pie dish (and if he they do this he they might get pies much more often).

2011 List: 90.Walk to church

It was such a nice day today that Jordan and I decided to walk to church.

Have I mentioned that Jordan and I have an awesome view?  Check it  out!  We do!

I'm sure that we will have many more Sunday's of walking to church.  Today we also taught Sunday School, which is our new calling.  We teach once a month for the 15-18 year olds.  Our lesson today was about Parables.

We had a good week this last week, but we accidentally ate out a bit to much, which is very out of the ordinary.

On Monday we went to Red Robin, which is definitely one of our favorites.  We LOVE those fries.  Tuesday we went to The Pizza Factory, which I had never been to before.  It was pretty good!

Thursday we went to Sonic for a late night snack/drink.  Saturday morning we went to Kneaders, and Saturday night we went to Cold Stone before we saw Tangled (which we both really liked) at the dollar theater.  To give us a little credit, we had coupons for Pizza Factory, Sonic, and Cold Stone.  It's like one of those things where we're going to go broke by saving and using coupons.  Ha oh well...

On another note, Jordan and I are going to Arizona to watch Spring Training on Thursday night.  Jordan's brother Landan is coming with us and we are meeting my family there.  We can't wait!  

Real Up

One of my favorite blogs is called Inspire Me Now. I love it.

Today they had pictures of a project done by National Geographic.

They made a real life version of UP!

The house that they built weighed 2,000 pounds and was carrying 600 pounds of crew. They used 300, eight foot tall balloons!

I think it is so cool.

The house was lifted 10,000 feet in the air and flew for about an hour. So now we all know it can be done. If someone is trying to tear your house down and you just love it too much to let that happen, just get some of those humongous balloons and fly it away.

Oh the places you'll go....(2)



My hubby @ work

My hubby @ school

My momma

It was fun to see these pictures come into my inbox! I was waiting (not so patiently...checking every 5 minutes) to see if I would get any responses...I'm happy with the results, these are some pretty cool pictures!

If you didn't get a chance to send me a feet picture this time, please feel free to send me one anytime! It would more than make my day, seriously. (

Oh the places you'll go....


...To the shores of the Red Sea

...Caesarea (the whole ground was little shells! Amazing!)

...To a Mosque in Egypt

...Through Hezekiah's Tunnel

...To Orson Hyde's Memorial Park

...Snowshoeing up Big Cottonwood Canyon

...To my street at home

Do you ever take pictures like this? It's not that I like my feet or anything...I just like how different the colors and textures of different places and outfits can be. Dear readers out there, if you have a minute tomorrow, take a picture (even if it's just from your phone) of your shoes/feet on whatever ground you normally walk on and email/picture message them to me (, and I'll post the pictures (if I get any :) )
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