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2011 List: 16.BYU basketball game

I'm sad to even be thinking about this, but last night Jordan and I went to the BYU vs. New Mexico basketball game. Even though it was fun to go, and to check something off the list, it was quite an ugly game. There were a number of things working against them last night but I think mostly the loss of a teammate in the middle of the year can be hard for any team.

On a happier note though, for every $10 you spend at the bookstore you get a free ticket to a basketball game. Jordan and I were pretty pleased that I had to make an $80 purchase for my class (which I was later reimbursed for) so we got 8 free tickets.

The best part of the game was the half time entertainment. There was a performance was by Jean's Golden Girls. It is a dancing group consisting of woman who are "50-94 years young" who have a cumulative total of 500 child, 1200 grandchildren, and 250 great grandchildren. They were fantastic and hilarious.

Please watch this. Please. And as you are, please imagine every woman you know that is between the ages of 50 and 94 and imagine them dancing. It is totally worth your time. This wasn't from last night, nor was it from a BYU game but they did this same dance last night.

What do you think? Pretty good, right?

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  1. I am glad you thought the old ladies dancing were the best part of the game as well! I am pretty sure they got the biggest cheer of the night. haha So great!


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