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2011 List: 51.Las Vegas

Last night on our way down to Arizona, we decided to stop in Las Vegas. I was excited because I had never been before. It was a really quick stop but it was still way fun. We parked at the Bellagio and walked around a bit as well as watched the fountain show (a few times...). It was actually really cool, because we think they were filming an episode of The Bachelor while we were there so we got to see 3 shows within about 10 minutes. It was a fun hour and a half taste of Las Vegas.

I could only snap a few pics of the love birds, sorry they're so blurry. My Bachelor loving readers, I hope you enjoy this...(and if you do watch, please tell me if it actually was this show or if it was something else, I'm pretty positive it was though...)

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  1. Ah, Vegas. It is so ostentatious, it's amazing! I'm so glad you've experienced Vegas now. I love the fountain shows and am SO jealous you got to see so many. The Bachlorette is what's filming right now, but Ashley, the bachlorette, is brunette... well, she was blonde when she was dumped by Brad the Bachelor (while in Vegas, so it's so like ABC to make her revisit the site of her heartbreak!!), but she was brunette on "The Women Tell All" episode, so... I'm going to stop embarrassing myself now...

    We'll see this summer if it was indeed Ashley and a date!

    Have a great time at Spring Training!


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