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2011 List: 90.Walk to church

It was such a nice day today that Jordan and I decided to walk to church.

Have I mentioned that Jordan and I have an awesome view?  Check it  out!  We do!

I'm sure that we will have many more Sunday's of walking to church.  Today we also taught Sunday School, which is our new calling.  We teach once a month for the 15-18 year olds.  Our lesson today was about Parables.

We had a good week this last week, but we accidentally ate out a bit to much, which is very out of the ordinary.

On Monday we went to Red Robin, which is definitely one of our favorites.  We LOVE those fries.  Tuesday we went to The Pizza Factory, which I had never been to before.  It was pretty good!

Thursday we went to Sonic for a late night snack/drink.  Saturday morning we went to Kneaders, and Saturday night we went to Cold Stone before we saw Tangled (which we both really liked) at the dollar theater.  To give us a little credit, we had coupons for Pizza Factory, Sonic, and Cold Stone.  It's like one of those things where we're going to go broke by saving and using coupons.  Ha oh well...

On another note, Jordan and I are going to Arizona to watch Spring Training on Thursday night.  Jordan's brother Landan is coming with us and we are meeting my family there.  We can't wait!  


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