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Oh the places you'll go....


...To the shores of the Red Sea

...Caesarea (the whole ground was little shells! Amazing!)

...To a Mosque in Egypt

...Through Hezekiah's Tunnel

...To Orson Hyde's Memorial Park

...Snowshoeing up Big Cottonwood Canyon

...To my street at home

Do you ever take pictures like this? It's not that I like my feet or anything...I just like how different the colors and textures of different places and outfits can be. Dear readers out there, if you have a minute tomorrow, take a picture (even if it's just from your phone) of your shoes/feet on whatever ground you normally walk on and email/picture message them to me (, and I'll post the pictures (if I get any :) )


  1. I think these pictures are such a good idea! It really is cool to look at the different textures of the different places and the different clothes!

  2. whoah! that is so cool. i like to take feet pictures... but yours are cooler haha.


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