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I got glasses today! What do you think? I couldn't see the board in class or signs while driving so I got my eyes checked. They're not too bad but they thought that it couldn't help to give me low prescription glasses to wear during class or when driving or at night when my eyes get tired.

I did an art card swap with Brittany and this is the beautiful card she sent me. If she doesn't receive the one I sent her soon, I will assume that it was lost in the mail and post a picture of it.


  1. Oh goodness, my art card is ripped to shreds. That's the last time I use a half-dry glue stick. Haha. And you look so good in glasses!

  2. Your first glasses are usually very weak but still make a difference in how you are able to see things. I'm sure from the first time you wore your glasses driving you were surprised at how clear everything looked. It's been nearly 6 years since you got those first glasses and if you're like most your eyes continued to get a little worse every year and you have probably gotten several changes in your glasses since then. By now you probably wear your glasses or contacts full time which is very normal as well. Anyway you look very nice wearing glasses. (retired optician)


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