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Summer Plans

A few weeks ago Jordan saw an application online for an internship in China. He decided to fill it out, kind of as a joke. Well some little joke turned into a phone interview and he was accepted. We still had a few days between the phone interview and when the deposit was due so we kept thinking about it, trying to decide if it would be a good decision for our family.

The deposit was due last night and we decided to pay it! This doesn't totally mean that we're going to China this summer but it means that we definitely might. We have 30 days to come up with the money that we would need to make this happen. It's kind of crazy but it really sounds like a fun adventure.

Since Jordan is studying Manufacturing Engineering, working in China would look great on his resume. I have also heard of lots of people teaching English in China and I hope that I could find a way that to do that, which would also look great on my resume.

We would be living in Beijing from June 30 to August 24th. BEIJING! CHINA!

Like I said, there are a few things we're still not sure about (what to do with our wonderful apartment, and funding) but we're very excited about the prospect of spending the summer in China.

If you would like to contribute to our China fund please let me know. Very nice souvenirs will be given to all contributors. Also, any one who wants to come and stay with us in our private apartment may do so if you wish.


  1. THAT'S SO TIGHT! i hope you guys go, that would be so much fun! good work, jordan!

  2. Ok, that's so cool!

    Aaaand... on a side note, Steven and I are wanting to move this summer... so think of us when you're trying to sell your contract!

  3. whaaat! that's awesome! if you guys go that would be such an awesome experience. my fingers are crossed for you!

  4. Thanks! We're pretty excited.

    @Brittany: That's the problem though....we don't want to give up our apartment. We just want to find someone to live there for July and August and then move back in in the fall. Are you interested in that? $200 a month...washer and dryer...

  5. I hope you get to do this! What an adventure! Cole and I are so boring compared to all our married friends! haha. I'm excited for you guys!

  6. No way!! This is amazing!! So glad we're going to lunch tomorrow, because I have to hear more about this!!

  7. CHINA!!! Yay!! I hope you get to go! That would be so awesome!


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