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Running, Running, Running

Photo by me...when I used to have an awesome camera to use
Jordan and I have started our half marathon training, as I mentioned yesterday.  We have taken a training schedule that we found online and tweaked it a bit, so that it fits us a little better (like changing the rest days from Friday to Sunday...), it's the same one that we used last year and we like it.  We calculated the total number of miles that we will have run by the end of the race and we found out that it is a grand total of 279.8 miles!  We could run from Orem to St. George, or from Orem to Rexburg. Or if you want to know somewhere a little bit more exciting, we could run around the Hawaiian Belt Rd on the Big Island of Hawaii 2.3 times.  OR if it was possible from Paris to London.  I was a little bit shocked when I found out that it was that large of a number.  

I know running is easy for some people but for me it is a bit difficult, I enjoy it now but I used to loathe it.  

Classes seem like they are going to be good this Spring so let's just get some HOT weather out this way and we'll be set for a great Summer (Jordan and I already bought our first pack of Otter Pops for the year).


Jordan and I had a little break between Winter Semester and Spring Semester. We though about taking a trip but couldn't decide where to go, so we decided to take a stay-cation. We took work off and just took a little break. We had a great time.
We got a really fancy picnic cookbook for our wedding and have been wanting to try out some of the recipes, so we finally did. We went on a lovely little picnic. Our food included angel food cake, with strawberries and whipped cream, pineapple, goldfish, the best sandwiches ever (seriously, the best sandwich I have ever had), with grilled chicken, colby cheese, green peppers, onions and sweet onion sauce. We also made some orange-aide.
We also recently acquired a grill! One of my teachers brought it to school for an end of the year BBQ and didn't want it back so he gave it to us. We've been grilling up a storm!

Also on our stay-cation we went to the Jordan River Temple, cleaned out the storage room, cleaned and organized our bookshelves, and bought a bunch of flowers (but were unfortunately not able to plant them because of the weather), and went to my lovely former roommate Cathryn's wedding reception. We also started training for our half marathon. It was a great stay-cation.

Back to school today.

Happy Easter


At the Garden Tomb Sign on the door. Because he was not there we will all live again. I'm thankful for my Savior this Easter day.

Childhood memories

Big thanks to Carly and Trev for letting me take pictures of their cute kids!  I had my last final this morning.  I'm happy to be done.  Time to relax!

Red Balloon


These are a few of the pictures I turned in for my assignment. What do you think? How'd I do?


Remember this game?  Childhood memory for sure.  I love this picture. 

I got to take some pictures of some really cute kids this afternoon, as well as the one above and lots of pictures of bubbles.  I'll post links to all of my photography assignments a little bit later.  

Happy Palm Sunday


I can't believe that I've almost been home from Jerusalem for a year! I miss Jerusalem. I hope I can go back there someday. The last few days we were there were the best. We went to all of the places that Jesus went in the last week of his mortal life. So for Palm Sunday I got to participate in the Palm Sunday walk, from Bethlehem into the Old City of Jerusalem through Lion's Gate. It was really neat to be among SO many people who all believed in the Savior and what he did for us. It was a great way to start Holy week.

Today at church, one of the speakers in sacrament meeting said that Easter this year falls on his birthday. April 24th. It was on April 24th twice in the 1700s, once in the 1800s, never in the 1900s and the next time it will be on the 24th will be in 2095. I just thought I would share that interesting fact.

P.S. I miss my long hair.


Spring in Provo starts with the Cherry Blossoms.  And I love them.

This is my favorite polariod I've ever taken. I like how there is something wrong with my camera that makes those yellow circles down the side of every picture. I didn't notice them for a long time and now I like them.

I've been taking pictures...

I'm still very much an amateur, but I am enjoying it and I'm learning lots along the way. 

I have learned that our house has the worst lighting ever for taking pictures.  And I have learned that photography is much harder than I thought.  I learned that a photographer never reveals a good location because then everyone will want to take pictures there.  I pretty much understand the settings: ISO, aperture, and shutter speed and how they work together.  

We made these for my manufacturing class.  We made the mold out of wood, used the CNC to carve out the LD on the top and then thermoformed it to make plastic trays, or chocolate molds.  They are Ritz crackers with peanut butter in between covered in milk chocolate.  They are delicious.

After working with chocolate so much I wanted something other
than the Little Delights.  I wanted these.  And boy were they tasty.
Sorry for the bad lighting, it was taken in my poorly lit house.

One of my assignments is to take pictures of one object at 6 different locations.  I choose a red balloon.

On top of the 6 locations assignment, we have to take a picture with a sun flare, because it shows that we know how to change and work with settings.  And we have to take childhood memory pictures.  Do you guys have any ideas of childhood memory pictures I could take?

I can take great pictures of things, I'm just really struggling with people, mostly because I don't have anyone to take pictures of.  Jordan can only handle so much camera time (and he's a champ for enduring so much already)  but what it comes down to is that I need some models!  Does anyone want me to take pictures of them?  Or do you know anyone who wants to get their picture taken with a really nice camera?  I promise I'll take some good pictures and you can have all of them.  Would anyone like free engagement pictures?  Please.  I'm begging you.  Let me take pictures of you for free.  


Remember this picture?  I barely remember it being taken.  Mostly because I was ready to pass out, but it could also have been because I was so happy to stop running I wasn't entirely aware of my surroundings.  I was just happy that my legs no longer needed to be moving.  

I'm not entirely sure why I did it, but I just signed up to run the Top of Utah Half Marathon.  Again.  And Jordan's going to run it with me.  Again.  

I actually am excited.  I had a good time training for it last year and I think we will be able to do way better this time.  Last year 2 weeks before the race we were a bit distracted, getting married and 1 week before we were in Mexico on our honeymoon.  Needless to say we weren't entirely focused on training.  Even though we were distracted we were still able to do a pretty good job, but I know we'll be able to do even better.

Another reason why I signed up is that I needed a reason to exercise.  I know I should probably try to develop the self-control to exercise on my own free will but I just can't really bring myself to it.  I do know however that when I have something like a half marathon in my future I am extremely more motivated to exercise.  And I guess that's partially why things like this were invented, right?

In other news Jordan and I are just about to finish up another semester.  Tomorrow is the last day of classes.  Thursday and Friday are reading days and finals start on Saturday.  I have my first final Saturday night from 8 PM to 10 PM.  Can you believe that?  Ridiculous.  It has been a great semester, but I'm thrilled for summer and good weather.  

I guess now is a good time to talk about China plans.  Jordan and I really want to go to China but we figure that next summer would probably be a better time for us to go.  We can do a little more research and planning and money saving this next year and be totally prepared for it next summer.  We're both sad not to have super exciting plans this summer but we think it will be good for us to stay in Utah and take classes so we'll be just that much closer to graduation.

Celebrating an Important Birthday

Tomorrow is my mom's birthday!  She is a smart, talented, kind, loving, wonderful woman and I am so blessed that she is my mom.  

I love her because she always took care of me and made sure that I was happy.

I love her because she taught me that family is important.

I love her because she took me on fun trips.

I love her because she always wanted what was best for me.

I love her because she always did my laundry.

I love her because she helps guide me to the right paths in life and helped me make good choices.

I love her because she is beautiful.

I love her because of how much she cares about my family and the people close to her.

I love you Mom!  Happy Birthday!

2011 List: 7.Banana splits

The original idea when we added this to our list, was to go out and get Banana Splits but Saturday night we were craving them and thought we should just try it at home.  I think they were better than we ever could have bought.


We had a discussion about how banana splits are way better than just ice cream sundaes.  Don't you agree?

Oh the places you'll go....(5)

This picture is from Jessica, Jordan's good friend Jared's wife.
This is from Costa Rica.  She sent me 2 sweet pictures
and I couldn't decide which one I liked better.
I think this should be an add for Keens.

I really don't remember where this was...somewhere in Jerusalem.

Sea of Galilee

Beach in Tel Aviv

Chichen Itza

Send me some pictures , I love getting them!  Just snap a quick one on your phone right now as your reading this and email it to  Please? Please? Please?

And....I wouldn't mind repeats....just sayin'

Art card

This is the art card that I send to Brittany about 3 weeks ago that has still not been delivered.  I'm just so so sad that it never reached it's final destination.  Maybe another 3 weeks and it will arrive.  Even though I sent it on campus and it just had to go a few blocks south of campus somehow it still didn't make it.  

Also check out my cute diligent husband studying in the background.


Blueberry yogurt, vanilla almond granola, strawberry yogurt, strawberries,
more granola, blueberry yogurt, granola.  Yum.

We just started the Photography unit in my Video production class....

...and as a result I get to carry around a Canon 7D for the next two weeks.  I don't know very much about Photography, but I'm trying to learn.
Jordan was a great sport yesterday and walked all around Provo so I could get some practice.

We bought some Bubble Tape hoping that we could take some cool bubble pictures but turns out Bubble Tape isn't the best for that.  We still got some good pictures though.

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