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I've been taking pictures...

I'm still very much an amateur, but I am enjoying it and I'm learning lots along the way. 

I have learned that our house has the worst lighting ever for taking pictures.  And I have learned that photography is much harder than I thought.  I learned that a photographer never reveals a good location because then everyone will want to take pictures there.  I pretty much understand the settings: ISO, aperture, and shutter speed and how they work together.  

We made these for my manufacturing class.  We made the mold out of wood, used the CNC to carve out the LD on the top and then thermoformed it to make plastic trays, or chocolate molds.  They are Ritz crackers with peanut butter in between covered in milk chocolate.  They are delicious.

After working with chocolate so much I wanted something other
than the Little Delights.  I wanted these.  And boy were they tasty.
Sorry for the bad lighting, it was taken in my poorly lit house.

One of my assignments is to take pictures of one object at 6 different locations.  I choose a red balloon.

On top of the 6 locations assignment, we have to take a picture with a sun flare, because it shows that we know how to change and work with settings.  And we have to take childhood memory pictures.  Do you guys have any ideas of childhood memory pictures I could take?

I can take great pictures of things, I'm just really struggling with people, mostly because I don't have anyone to take pictures of.  Jordan can only handle so much camera time (and he's a champ for enduring so much already)  but what it comes down to is that I need some models!  Does anyone want me to take pictures of them?  Or do you know anyone who wants to get their picture taken with a really nice camera?  I promise I'll take some good pictures and you can have all of them.  Would anyone like free engagement pictures?  Please.  I'm begging you.  Let me take pictures of you for free.  


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