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Running, Running, Running

Photo by me...when I used to have an awesome camera to use
Jordan and I have started our half marathon training, as I mentioned yesterday.  We have taken a training schedule that we found online and tweaked it a bit, so that it fits us a little better (like changing the rest days from Friday to Sunday...), it's the same one that we used last year and we like it.  We calculated the total number of miles that we will have run by the end of the race and we found out that it is a grand total of 279.8 miles!  We could run from Orem to St. George, or from Orem to Rexburg. Or if you want to know somewhere a little bit more exciting, we could run around the Hawaiian Belt Rd on the Big Island of Hawaii 2.3 times.  OR if it was possible from Paris to London.  I was a little bit shocked when I found out that it was that large of a number.  

I know running is easy for some people but for me it is a bit difficult, I enjoy it now but I used to loathe it.  

Classes seem like they are going to be good this Spring so let's just get some HOT weather out this way and we'll be set for a great Summer (Jordan and I already bought our first pack of Otter Pops for the year).

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