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Jordan and I had a little break between Winter Semester and Spring Semester. We though about taking a trip but couldn't decide where to go, so we decided to take a stay-cation. We took work off and just took a little break. We had a great time.
We got a really fancy picnic cookbook for our wedding and have been wanting to try out some of the recipes, so we finally did. We went on a lovely little picnic. Our food included angel food cake, with strawberries and whipped cream, pineapple, goldfish, the best sandwiches ever (seriously, the best sandwich I have ever had), with grilled chicken, colby cheese, green peppers, onions and sweet onion sauce. We also made some orange-aide.
We also recently acquired a grill! One of my teachers brought it to school for an end of the year BBQ and didn't want it back so he gave it to us. We've been grilling up a storm!

Also on our stay-cation we went to the Jordan River Temple, cleaned out the storage room, cleaned and organized our bookshelves, and bought a bunch of flowers (but were unfortunately not able to plant them because of the weather), and went to my lovely former roommate Cathryn's wedding reception. We also started training for our half marathon. It was a great stay-cation.

Back to school today.


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