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Remember this picture?  I barely remember it being taken.  Mostly because I was ready to pass out, but it could also have been because I was so happy to stop running I wasn't entirely aware of my surroundings.  I was just happy that my legs no longer needed to be moving.  

I'm not entirely sure why I did it, but I just signed up to run the Top of Utah Half Marathon.  Again.  And Jordan's going to run it with me.  Again.  

I actually am excited.  I had a good time training for it last year and I think we will be able to do way better this time.  Last year 2 weeks before the race we were a bit distracted, getting married and 1 week before we were in Mexico on our honeymoon.  Needless to say we weren't entirely focused on training.  Even though we were distracted we were still able to do a pretty good job, but I know we'll be able to do even better.

Another reason why I signed up is that I needed a reason to exercise.  I know I should probably try to develop the self-control to exercise on my own free will but I just can't really bring myself to it.  I do know however that when I have something like a half marathon in my future I am extremely more motivated to exercise.  And I guess that's partially why things like this were invented, right?

In other news Jordan and I are just about to finish up another semester.  Tomorrow is the last day of classes.  Thursday and Friday are reading days and finals start on Saturday.  I have my first final Saturday night from 8 PM to 10 PM.  Can you believe that?  Ridiculous.  It has been a great semester, but I'm thrilled for summer and good weather.  

I guess now is a good time to talk about China plans.  Jordan and I really want to go to China but we figure that next summer would probably be a better time for us to go.  We can do a little more research and planning and money saving this next year and be totally prepared for it next summer.  We're both sad not to have super exciting plans this summer but we think it will be good for us to stay in Utah and take classes so we'll be just that much closer to graduation.


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