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1 year ago

1 year ago last Saturday, Jordan gave me this

and asked me if I wanted to marry him and I said YES.  Best. Decision. Ever.

Happy Birthday Kara!

Yesterday was my beautiful friend Kara's birthday.  This girl is amazing.  Seriously.  

Kara is an amazing friend.  She always has the interests of others before herself.  She is fun and adventurous, funny, beautiful, smart...and I must add a way good dancer.  She has an impeccable sense of style, she thinks of fun Halloween costumes, she's an awesome skier, and I always love being around her.

Happy Birthday Kara!


We had a funny night last night. Let me just tell you it involved a small trip to the E.R.

Jordan and I got home from work and we went on a run, came home and had dinner. I was going to go to a review session at 8:15 so at about 8, I was getting ready to leave when my phone rang.

(Now just imagine Brian Regan if you can, the one about the broken arm...If you don't know what I'm talking about google Brian Regan Biking.)

Dorethy, our sweet 82 year old landlady, was calling.

It went something like this:

Dorethy: Corina, do you have any plans to go out tonight?
Me:Yes, I'm actually just getting ready to walk out the door, what do you need?
Dorethy: Well I was wondering if since you're already headed out the door if you wouldn't mind taking me to the Urgent Care.
(Me thinking: OF COURSE! Hello, if you need to go to the urgent care I don't even need to be on my way out the door.)

She had checked her blood pressure and it was really high and her legs were really swollen. She said that her equilibrium was off, so she couldn't walk very well at all. She is really worried about having a stroke so we took her over to the Urgent Care and they sent us to the Emergency Room. At the Emergency Room, they checked everything out, did ultrasounds on her legs to make sure that there weren't any blood clots, monitored her blood pressure, and gave her some antibiotics for a kidney infection. At about 10:45 they let us head back home. Everything was ok but it was a scary little trip.

I don't think I've ever said very much on here about Dorethy. She is an amazing woman. She is very kind, generous, and thoughtful of everyone around her. She is strong.

Her and her husband served 5 missions. 5! They were on missions from 1990-2000. They served missions for a whole decade and I think the only reason why they stopped was because her husband's health started to decline. She is quite the woman. Whenever anyone in our ward finds out that we live in her basement, they always tell us about how wonderful and kind she is and how she is such a sweet person. I can tell by the way that she has lived her life that she has Christ-like love for everyone she meets. We are lucky to be a part of her life.

We asked her today how she was feeling and she said that she is feeling much better than yesterday, and that the swelling in her legs has gone down. We were definitely glad to hear that.

Oh the places you'll go...(8)

Krista, at a Spring Training game in March Jordan on his mission in Uganda.  Check out the date on this picture.  He didn't even know that someday his wife would like this picture...

Jared, on the beach on California waiting to propose to Jessica

Jared and Jessica on their honeymoon in Maui
Me, at work...right now.

Updated Map:

I love getting these pictures!  Thanks for sending them to me!  Please keep them coming.


Jordan and I had a great weekend, no huge plans or anything but it was still a nice weekend.  Friday I went to a Bridal Shower with Jordan's mom for Jordan's cousin Heather, who is getting married June 8th.

Jordan was supposed to have a softball game that night but the fields were too muddy to play so it got canceled.  That night Jordan and I rented Mega Mind from redbox.  I thought it was pretty good (but I fell asleep...movies late a night do that for me these days...).

Saturday we had neighborhood clean-up so Jordan and I spent the morning cleaning up the yard.  After we finished, we ran a few errands.  It was such a beautiful day, the first in a while.  Saturday night we had a total BYU date.  We played some tennis at the tennis courts on campus, and then went to see Newsies in the Varsity Theater.  Neither of us had ever seen it.  We liked it.   As we were driving home Jordan said, "I wonder how much of that was true.  I bet there really was a man like Gammon, the Sun's Publisher and I can see some things like that happening and I'm sure those dance moves were real."  I thought it was really funny.  Maybe you had to be there, but it was really funny when he said it.  Maybe I should do some research to see how much of it was true.

Anyway it was a great weekend.  Back to the nitty gritty, I really should pay better attention in Stats.  Oh man.

Calling all feet pictures!

Here are all of the places I have received feet pictures from or taken feet pictures.  Pretty cool, huh?

If you have any feet pictures please send them to me!  Even if you already have sent me some, even if I don't know you, even if you live somewhere that has already been marked...Add another mark to the map.  

Please send pictures to  Please, please?!

Click here to see the map

10 things I did in class instead of paying attention:

1. Read all of the blogs in my google reader

2. Checked email

3. Checked out all of the news on facebook

4. Wondered how anyone is supposed to stay focused in a 2 hour Stats class

5. Made sure my homework was totally finished for the next class

6. Watched Jon Schmidt's new video Michael meets Mozart (I liked it but it is definitely not as good as Love Story meets Viva la vida, in my opinion)

7. Updated things in my planner

8. Thought about how it would be nice to be at home in sweats considering it is a rainy rainy day

9. Wondered what we should have for dinner

10. Thought about how I have a performance review at work today

P.s. Jordan and I are planning on going to the Hot Air Balloon Festival in New Mexico in October. Anyone want to join us? Anyone ever been? Any suggestions about where to stay?

I'm obsessed with hot Air Balloons. Please see here and here.

New Necklace/Colorado Trip (2) 2011


I have wanted this necklace for a very long time and today I bought it.  Easy as that.  It just happened to be 40% off.  So in 5-7 days, check to see if it is around my neck. 
Waiting at the Airport
This last weekend Jordan and I went to Colorado to spend some time with my family.  We were excited, ready for a break and glad that plane tickets were cheaper than it would have been to drive (saved us 16 hours of our life).

Our flight was very early Friday morning (HUGE thanks to Jordan's mom for waking up at 5 to drive us to the airport).

Love those beautiful mountains!
After our flight got in, I had a doctors appointment, we ran a few errands and then had lunch.  After that we were able to stop at my grandma's house for a little visit.    
No big plans Friday night, except a little running around town with my mom and brothers.
Saturday morning we went to the Mile High Flea Market, which if you have never been there is kind of a funny place, lots of silly things for sale.  It's kind of like a mixture between a garage sale, a thrift store, and well a flea market.  Anyway it was kind of a cold morning so not everyone was out there selling.  We were still able to get that sweet little suitcase for $5.  I love it.

After the Flea Market, we took a tour of Hammond's Candies.

It was really neat to see how they make all of those colorful lollipops and candy canes.  They use 30,000 gallons of corn syrup a month.  Each piece of candy has 3 main ingredients: sugar, corn syrup, and water.  What's not to like, right?

We were supposed to go to Dylan and Logan's baseball game at 3:30, but because of a small Spring blizzard we were unable to.  The game was snow/rained out.

Saturday night we went to Kokoro for dinner.  This is one of my family's favorite restaurants, so it was fun to take Jordan there for the first time.  This is actually were my mom and dad went on their first date!

Afterwards we went next door to DQ to get some cherry dipped cones.  YUM!
Saturday night we watched Uncle Buck and Field of Dreams, which coincidentally both have the same leading actress and little girl.

Sunday we went to my cousin Garrett's farewell.  He leaves on Wednesday to serve a mission in Romania.

After church and before our flight we had some delicious dinner and played a really fun game of Monopoly (really fun because I won!).

It was a great trip! I can't wait to go back.

Oh the places you'll go...(7)

My lovely friend Allison sent me some great feet pictures!
At the bowling alley...
This one is so cool.

Allison is getting ready to go to China for 2 weeks.  She gets to go to so many cool places there, I'm really jealous.  I hope she takes a feet picture on the Great Wall.  That would be awesome :)

Jordan and I at the Draper Temple

Thanks for the pictures Allison!  

2011 List: 27.Draper Temple

Jordan's brother Landan went through the Draper Temple on Saturday. He is leaving for Honduras one month from today. We are excited for him and his upcoming adventure. We're glad that we were able to be there to support him Saturday.  I'm sure he'll be a great missionary.

Oh the places you'll go...(6)

Claire sent me some feet pictures, and they are really neat if you ask me....
A rocky beach at the end of a trail with lots of mussel shells in Juneau, Alaska

Devin and Claire are spending the summer in Alaska by the way. Jealous.

Stone alley way in Seattle, WA

Cocoa Beach, FL

Gulf of Aqaba, Egypt - don't mind my dry legs.

If you would like to send me some feet pictures please send them to I would love getting them!

10 things I love about Summer time:

1. Sunshine
2. Tans
3. Popsicles
4. Swimming Pools
5. BBQs
6. Camping
7. Hiking
8. Picnics
9. 4th of July and Fireworks
10. Trips

2011 List: 65. and 67. Planting things


Last night Jordan's family was gracious enough to come over and help us with some yard work for FHE. We honestly had a grass jungle in the backyard and a small push lawnmower, that I think is probably from the 60's. Needless to say it was SO nice that Jordan's parents could bring their lawnmower down so we could get it under control. We were able to get so much done! and now the yard looks wonderful. We were even able to plant some beautiful flowers and a very small garden. Someday we might actually have some tomatoes and peppers that we actually grew (I'll let you know how that goes). But anyway...big thanks to the helpful hands we had last night!

In other news I accidentally and totally unplanned had bacon in all 3 of my meals today. I don't think I've ever done that.

I love Tuesdays and Thursdays by the way. I don't have class until 12. It. is. HEAVEN. I love getting a little bit of extra sleep. Especially considering that I had class or work at 8 everyday last semester and class at 8 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday right now and I will have class everyday at 8 in the Fall.

My beautiful friend Melissa got engaged on Sunday. I'm so excited for her and can't even wait for her wedding in June.
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