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10 things I did in class instead of paying attention:

1. Read all of the blogs in my google reader

2. Checked email

3. Checked out all of the news on facebook

4. Wondered how anyone is supposed to stay focused in a 2 hour Stats class

5. Made sure my homework was totally finished for the next class

6. Watched Jon Schmidt's new video Michael meets Mozart (I liked it but it is definitely not as good as Love Story meets Viva la vida, in my opinion)

7. Updated things in my planner

8. Thought about how it would be nice to be at home in sweats considering it is a rainy rainy day

9. Wondered what we should have for dinner

10. Thought about how I have a performance review at work today

P.s. Jordan and I are planning on going to the Hot Air Balloon Festival in New Mexico in October. Anyone want to join us? Anyone ever been? Any suggestions about where to stay?

I'm obsessed with hot Air Balloons. Please see here and here.


  1. whaaat! i want to go to that! that looks so cool. i seriously want to go now!

  2. We're coming with you!! When in October? This could be my 30th state! When else will I go to New Mexico? Sounds so fun

  3. Awesome! We'd love for you guys to come with us! It is the 1st-9th of October. Hotels are already getting full so we should figure out that stuff soon.

    This is the 2011 Guest Guide:

    So you can read all about it...

  4. Ok that link didn't work, but here's a link to the website:

  5. We up and went totally last minute last year. I didn't even know it existed till a day before we left. It was awesome. In my mind the best thing New Mexico has to offer. But, soooo hard to get a hotel if you don't go for it now. We ended up driving a ways to a random spot on route 66...made for a better story to add to our spontaneous weekend get-away.


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