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New Necklace/Colorado Trip (2) 2011


I have wanted this necklace for a very long time and today I bought it.  Easy as that.  It just happened to be 40% off.  So in 5-7 days, check to see if it is around my neck. 
Waiting at the Airport
This last weekend Jordan and I went to Colorado to spend some time with my family.  We were excited, ready for a break and glad that plane tickets were cheaper than it would have been to drive (saved us 16 hours of our life).

Our flight was very early Friday morning (HUGE thanks to Jordan's mom for waking up at 5 to drive us to the airport).

Love those beautiful mountains!
After our flight got in, I had a doctors appointment, we ran a few errands and then had lunch.  After that we were able to stop at my grandma's house for a little visit.    
No big plans Friday night, except a little running around town with my mom and brothers.
Saturday morning we went to the Mile High Flea Market, which if you have never been there is kind of a funny place, lots of silly things for sale.  It's kind of like a mixture between a garage sale, a thrift store, and well a flea market.  Anyway it was kind of a cold morning so not everyone was out there selling.  We were still able to get that sweet little suitcase for $5.  I love it.

After the Flea Market, we took a tour of Hammond's Candies.

It was really neat to see how they make all of those colorful lollipops and candy canes.  They use 30,000 gallons of corn syrup a month.  Each piece of candy has 3 main ingredients: sugar, corn syrup, and water.  What's not to like, right?

We were supposed to go to Dylan and Logan's baseball game at 3:30, but because of a small Spring blizzard we were unable to.  The game was snow/rained out.

Saturday night we went to Kokoro for dinner.  This is one of my family's favorite restaurants, so it was fun to take Jordan there for the first time.  This is actually were my mom and dad went on their first date!

Afterwards we went next door to DQ to get some cherry dipped cones.  YUM!
Saturday night we watched Uncle Buck and Field of Dreams, which coincidentally both have the same leading actress and little girl.

Sunday we went to my cousin Garrett's farewell.  He leaves on Wednesday to serve a mission in Romania.

After church and before our flight we had some delicious dinner and played a really fun game of Monopoly (really fun because I won!).

It was a great trip! I can't wait to go back.


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