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We had a funny night last night. Let me just tell you it involved a small trip to the E.R.

Jordan and I got home from work and we went on a run, came home and had dinner. I was going to go to a review session at 8:15 so at about 8, I was getting ready to leave when my phone rang.

(Now just imagine Brian Regan if you can, the one about the broken arm...If you don't know what I'm talking about google Brian Regan Biking.)

Dorethy, our sweet 82 year old landlady, was calling.

It went something like this:

Dorethy: Corina, do you have any plans to go out tonight?
Me:Yes, I'm actually just getting ready to walk out the door, what do you need?
Dorethy: Well I was wondering if since you're already headed out the door if you wouldn't mind taking me to the Urgent Care.
(Me thinking: OF COURSE! Hello, if you need to go to the urgent care I don't even need to be on my way out the door.)

She had checked her blood pressure and it was really high and her legs were really swollen. She said that her equilibrium was off, so she couldn't walk very well at all. She is really worried about having a stroke so we took her over to the Urgent Care and they sent us to the Emergency Room. At the Emergency Room, they checked everything out, did ultrasounds on her legs to make sure that there weren't any blood clots, monitored her blood pressure, and gave her some antibiotics for a kidney infection. At about 10:45 they let us head back home. Everything was ok but it was a scary little trip.

I don't think I've ever said very much on here about Dorethy. She is an amazing woman. She is very kind, generous, and thoughtful of everyone around her. She is strong.

Her and her husband served 5 missions. 5! They were on missions from 1990-2000. They served missions for a whole decade and I think the only reason why they stopped was because her husband's health started to decline. She is quite the woman. Whenever anyone in our ward finds out that we live in her basement, they always tell us about how wonderful and kind she is and how she is such a sweet person. I can tell by the way that she has lived her life that she has Christ-like love for everyone she meets. We are lucky to be a part of her life.

We asked her today how she was feeling and she said that she is feeling much better than yesterday, and that the swelling in her legs has gone down. We were definitely glad to hear that.


  1. Oh my gosh, she's adorable :) I love the pictures! Did you take those when you had your fancy camera? I'm so glad to FINALLY know what "the lady upstairs" looks like haha (and I love that she asked you like she needed a cup of milk or something).

  2. I did take them when I had my camera. I'm glad you know what she looks like now!


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