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I woke up late. [Which means I didn't get to take a shower]
And my phone wasn't working.
I didn't want to go to work. [I did anyway]
I didn't want to make a lunch. [So I didn't]
The textbook that I needed to spend all day today reading was left in the car accidentally, which is now sitting, parked in Salt Lake.
I [just about] crashed on my bike.  I didn't get hurt or fall down, but I did lose control momentarily when I was trying to get back up on the curb.  My bike is now making a funny noise. [embarrassing]
I got to work more sweaty than usual, because I woke up late and had to ride faster.
Jordan usually texts me when he gets to work so I know he's made it there safely.  No text today...because my phone wasn't working.

In general I was just pretty grumpy this morning.

I worked my shift, which was a call shift, which are not my favorite kind.
I fixed my cell phone. 
I heard from Jordan.
I brought another textbook which also needs to be read.
I went to the Awful Waffle for lunch. [And got a FREE waffle!]
I watched a little bit of tennis.
And now I am back at work, a bit happier.

I think today will be ok.

Looking forward to:


1.  My family coming to town
2.  4th of July
3.  Day off school
4.  Havasoupai
5.  Pay day
6.  My family coming to town
7.  Fireworks
8.  Bike Rides
9.   Balloon Festival
10.  My family coming to town!


I had a bit of a crafting frenzy this weekend.  Here's a taste of what I did.

I got the idea from Pinterest.

Mine isn't as fluffy, but I love it.  For the blue I used some old jeans that had a massive hole in them...makes me like it even more...

Next up, I've been wanting to frame these pictures for months.

Jordan gave me this first one for Christmas while we were still dating.  We were going to Pirate Island for dinner and the wait was pretty long so we wandered over to Costco and Greg Olsen was having a show.  I told him that this was one of my favorite paintings and that I wanted to hang it in my future son's room someday.

I bought a very average looking red-ish frame and some gold spray paint and went to town.  I LOVE how it turned out.  Seriously, I am in love with this.

This was one of my favorite souvenirs from Jerusalem.  I love this poster.  It was hanging all over the Old City, because lots of shops were selling it, but I just love the colors and how it looks.  Every time I thought about how it was rolled up in that tube, sitting in a box, not hanging on my wall a little part of me wanted to cry.  This desperately needed to be fixed.

This one was a little bit more tricky.  Since it is from Jerusalem, it has weird dimensions, so I just had to find a frame it would fit in.  Someday, for another project, I need to get it custom matted, but for today, it gets to sit in this lovely black frame I painted blue.  

And on a side note...I want to buy this someday.

Don't you think they would look great hanging next to each other? And maybe with one of these on the other side: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

And this is the last little craft of the weekend...I saw a little tutorial [also on Pinterest] about how to make a ruffled shirt and I really wanted to try it out.  I decided I wanted to make it a little bit different than the one in the tutorial, I also love how this one turned out.

I know you can't see it very well, but that shirt I wore to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple I made!

I'll have to take some better pictures of it...

But there you have weekend crafts.  All produced from one great trip to Savers.  [pillowcases for the red and white on the wreath, 2 frames and an orange/red long sleeved shirt]

2011 List: 61.Oquirrh Mountain Temple


Jordan and I had a lovely time yesterday at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple.  I was able to go inside a few summers ago for the open house, but Jordan had never been.  Remember that bag a bought while I was in Colorado?  It's a great temple bag...

There are 13 [completed] temples in Utah.  Here is the complete list with the ones I have been to crossed off.

13 temples in Utah:
Bountiful Temple
Brigham City
Draper Temple
Jordan River Temple
Logan Temple
Manti Temple
Monticello Temple
Mount Timpanogos Temple
Ogden Temple
Oquirrh Mountain Temple
Provo Temple
St. George Temple
Salt Lake Temple
Vernal Temple

I like to keep track of which temples I have been in.  Along with the 7 above, I have also been in the Denver Colorado Temple, Mesa Arizona Temple, and Nauvoo Illinois Temple (but only to do baptisms, so I would like to go back).

2011 List: 38.Go to breakfast before school/work

Since Jordan's been waking up at 3:30, our very favorite day of the week is Friday.  We both get to sleep in.  I don't have any classes and I don't have to work until 11:30.  Since going out to breakfast was on our list we decided to go on Friday. And since we love Marley's, and just noticed that they serve breakfast we decided to head over there. Jordan ordered the [all you can eat] French Toast (because you can't serve breakfast in Provo unless you have all you can eat French Toast) and I had a breakfast sausage, egg, and cheese slider (and some of Jordan's french Toast).  It was very tasty.  As we were leaving we even decided to let Zoltar tell us our fortunes. It was a great little breakfast date!

(Don't mind the lovely, just rolled out of bed look...)


Today is the first official day of SUMMER...
...but the second official day of Summer Term.  

Summer Term brought with it a few changes.  

1.  NEW classes; including Adolescent Development, Classroom Management, and Geology 102 which is Field Studies.  

2.  Summer came with a NEW job, an internship for Jordan, in Salt Lake City at the Kencraft Candy Factory (thanks to my Uncle Jim!).  Jordan is working four, ten hour shifts a week, so it's really nice that he will have Fridays off.  But...guess what time he has to be at work.  5.  AM.  He has to leave our house by 4 AM!  

3.  Needless to say Summer brought with it a NEW bedtime.  Last night we went to bed before it was dark.  9:15, we went to bed before Dorethy [our landlord] was even home.  Can you believe it?  We went to bed while an 82 year old woman was still out and about.  That's just so funny to me, but it sure made waking up this morning much easier for Jordan.  

4, 5, and 6.  Because Jordan has to be in Salt Lake so early every morning (driving our only car) Summer brought with it NEW transportation for me. I'm so lucky, we bought a NEW car!  Ok, not really, but all of these NEW things were just making me think of the Price is Right.  Starting yesterday, I now get to ride my NEW bike to campus everyday.  I wasn't too thrilled at first but I actually am really enjoying it (all 2 times I've done it).  It takes me about 25 minutes.  And because I now finally have a bike, last night Jordan and I decided to buy a NEW bike rack, so we can ride our bikes anywhere we want, including in the canyon, which I am most excited about.

7.  Even though Jordan is working 40 hours a week, he is also taking NEW classes this Summer.  We both only have one G.E. left that we are finishing.  Mine is Geology and Jordan's is his Art credit which he will be filling by taking Music 101.

8.  I know I have already mentioned this (here) but our NEW favorite activity is tennis.  I think this will be the Summer of tennis.  We go play every chance we get.  Orem High School is only a few blocks away from our house and they have great tennis courts.  Last night we rode our bikes over there to play. 

9.  Jordan and I have loved having all of the fruit and vegetables from our NEW Bountiful Basket and have been trying lots of NEW recipes.

10.  This Summer will also bring with it a NEW brother-in-law.  Jordan's brother, Devan, has been on his mission the entire time I have known Jordan.  He will be coming home on July 27th from Singapore.  I can't wait to meet Devan.

Here's to a GREAT Summer!

Corina's Corner through the Ages


Number 7 This one was on my blog for a long time.  I also really like this one.  Dalton Ghetti's is the artist, I just arranged them. 

Number 6 Brief as well...mostly just for February/Valentines Day
Number 5 Brief.  But I love those pictures, also as you can see I like the Scrabble tiles...
Number 4 I really like this one, but it was a little big.

Number 3 This one was on my blog for the longest I think.

Number 2 This one was so huge I think it was probably the most brief of all.

Number 1 I think this was the header I used when I very first got my blog.

And there you have it.  Corina's Corner through the ages.

Bountiful Basket

Ok.  So one of my friends blogged about Bountiful Basket a few months ago, so I explored their website but I still wasn't convinced that I needed to try it out.  Then another friend blogged about it and there was an article about it in the Daily Universe so we decided to give it a try.  So here's the deal.  You pay $15 and you get a TON of fruits and veggies.  Easy as that.  Jordan and I aren't health food nuts by any means but we do love a good deal and... ok we do actually like to eat kind of healthy when we have healthy food to eat.

So on Wednesday we signed up for an account (your first time you have to pay a $3 first basket fee) and ordered and paid for 1 basket.  There are a bunch of different pick up locations and unfortunately all of the ones in Orem and Provo were sold out by Wednesday so we signed up out in Springville.  This morning we dragged ourselves out of bed at 6 (so unfortunate for a Saturday) and went and picked up our Bountiful Basket.

You have to bring your own basket and wait in line (if you're not there early...we weren't) and then you can get your food.

Waiting in line....
This guy ordered 3 baskets and needed a wagon to carry it all.
The loot in our basket...
Here's what we got: a cantaloupe, a pineapple, 8 apples, 4 bananas, 2 boxes of blackberries, 12 plums, cabbage, celery, 4 cucumbers, romaine lettuce, spinach, 6 tomatoes and a bunch of sweet chilies.  All for $15.  Good deal, huh?  It is available in lots of states besides Utah.  I think Jordan and I will be doing it every other week from now on.  I hope I convinced you as well.  Give it a try.

P.S.  Here's a picture of my most recent project, I'm still working on it but I will post more pictures of it soon.

2011 List: 40. Goodwood


Jordan and I went to Goodwood tonight for dinner.  Jordan is always talking about how much he loves this place so we put it on the list.  I'm so glad we went.  It was delicious.

Jordan and I ate until we were totally stuffed.  Then our waitress came out with another plate of ribs.  She said that the ribs on our first plate were kind of small so they decided to bring us more.  That's what I'm talkin' about!  Free ribs!  Yum.  Talk about good luck.  We think that it was because my half birthday was on Monday, so they wanted to make sure that I had a half rack of ribs to celebrate.

It's a BEAUTIFUL day...


...too bad I'm in the library studying.  That's the worst.  Don't you think?


Today was a momentous day in our family.  Jordan won an intramural championship!  He is now the proud owner of that very coveted shirt.  Congratulations babe!  I'm proud of you.

Right after the winning out.

We also went back to the carnival today...this time we got the world's largest scone.  Take a look at this baby:


2011 List: 39.Go to carnival and 36.Get funnel cake

Go to a Carnival and get a funnel cake? Done and DONE! (P.S. check out our full list on the right.)
Sometimes when you're training for a half marathon and you just don't feel like running on a Friday night, you remember that the Orem Summerfest Carnival, in City Center Park is the perfect distance away for your run and then all of the sudden you're a bit more motivated. At least that usually works for me.
Just remember...we were on a run...

And we even got that funnel cake I've been wanting...I think it's officially Summer. YUM!

Homemade Pasta

Saturday night after returning home from Kung Fu Panda 2 (which we both enjoyed), we decided it was about time to whip out the pasta maker and try it for the first time. I feel a little bad that this was it's first use, since we received it as a wedding gift, however I always thought that making pasta would be really hard.

(Mind you I also thought making pizza dough and rolls would be really hard but I was wrong about all of them. None of them are hard to make. I think for the dough and rolls however I had an excuse. I used to be really afraid of yeast. I'm not sure why but I was.)

Anyway, so we jumped on trusty PW's site to look at the homemade pasta recipe, if you can even call it a recipe (it only has two ingredients). It's more like instructions, and they were pretty helpful.

We made the dough and then flattened it and sent it through the little pasta machine and guess what... it came out as fettuccine. Delicious.

The flattening...
The fettuccine-ing

Before cooking...
During cooking...
After cooking, before eating...

....and dinner is served! We mixed it with our super top secret pasta sauce, and boy was it GOOD!
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