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2011 List: 14.Bruges and 18.Cabela’s shooting

Yesterday we checked some more things off our list.  Jordan and I made this list back in January.  It's things that we would like to try to do this year, some are restaurants and some are places to go or do.  It's fun.  I also made a list like this last year.  We had a fun time checking things off the list last year as well. Last night we went to Cabela's.  We wanted to go try their small shooting range upstairs.  I've done this before and I like it.  I think it's fun.  Here are some pictures: Now lets not forget that I scored 190 and Jordan got 80.  After Cabela's we headed up to Salt Lake to go to Bruges for dinner. Jordan had the Machine Gun Sandwich
I had a waffle with creme fraiche (which is really just whipped cream) and strawberries.


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