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2011 List: 61.Oquirrh Mountain Temple


Jordan and I had a lovely time yesterday at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple.  I was able to go inside a few summers ago for the open house, but Jordan had never been.  Remember that bag a bought while I was in Colorado?  It's a great temple bag...

There are 13 [completed] temples in Utah.  Here is the complete list with the ones I have been to crossed off.

13 temples in Utah:
Bountiful Temple
Brigham City
Draper Temple
Jordan River Temple
Logan Temple
Manti Temple
Monticello Temple
Mount Timpanogos Temple
Ogden Temple
Oquirrh Mountain Temple
Provo Temple
St. George Temple
Salt Lake Temple
Vernal Temple

I like to keep track of which temples I have been in.  Along with the 7 above, I have also been in the Denver Colorado Temple, Mesa Arizona Temple, and Nauvoo Illinois Temple (but only to do baptisms, so I would like to go back).


  1. I love that temple, especially the color scheme inside I think there's a lot of pastel greens and pinks, right? So glad you guys got to go :) If you haven't gone to St. George by the time we get back, we'd love to go with you guys! Devin's grandparents live in Cedar City and have been wanting to take us there so that would be a fun trip!

  2. That would be way fun! We should do it. We don't have any plans to go down there anytime soon.


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