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Just some Friday thoughts....

Sometimes it's crazy for me to think that I am 21. and married. Remember when I was in 6th grade? Yeah that's how old Dylan and Logan are now...Crazy. They're actually done with 6th grade.

Earlier this week I had a moment where I was washing the dishes and I saw Jordan walk by outside mowing the lawn. In that moment I couldn't believe how married I felt! I always thought that finding my husband would be a really hard thing, but finding and marrying Jordan was so easy. It was one of those decisions where I almost didn't have to think about it because it felt so right.

A day never goes by where he doesn't make me laugh or tell me that I'm beautiful or do nice things for me. I truly know he cares about me and I think this is how marriage is supposed to be. He is such a calm, patient person, which I most of the time am not. He makes me better.

I'm so happy in my life right now. Everything seems as close to perfect as it can get. (Except just one thing but this is just a major side story. Yesterday when we were getting the oil changed the mechanic told us that the air conditioning in our car is shot. $900 to fix. He said that we need a whole new one.)

I absolutely love that Jordan likes to cook. Everyday we come home from school and cook dinner together. Jordan usually makes me breakfast while I'm getting ready for school. He likes to experiment and try new recipes. It's fun.

I like that he is so good at games. Sometimes it's frustrating because I feel like he always wins but I'm glad that he likes to play them.

I like that he will go running with me and tell me all about his day, all about his classes, and work.

I like how when he makes the bed he puts the pillows in funny arrangements, like the time he made a tower of pillows all the way to the ceiling. He is fun.

I just love him. A lot.


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