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Today is the first official day of SUMMER...
...but the second official day of Summer Term.  

Summer Term brought with it a few changes.  

1.  NEW classes; including Adolescent Development, Classroom Management, and Geology 102 which is Field Studies.  

2.  Summer came with a NEW job, an internship for Jordan, in Salt Lake City at the Kencraft Candy Factory (thanks to my Uncle Jim!).  Jordan is working four, ten hour shifts a week, so it's really nice that he will have Fridays off.  But...guess what time he has to be at work.  5.  AM.  He has to leave our house by 4 AM!  

3.  Needless to say Summer brought with it a NEW bedtime.  Last night we went to bed before it was dark.  9:15, we went to bed before Dorethy [our landlord] was even home.  Can you believe it?  We went to bed while an 82 year old woman was still out and about.  That's just so funny to me, but it sure made waking up this morning much easier for Jordan.  

4, 5, and 6.  Because Jordan has to be in Salt Lake so early every morning (driving our only car) Summer brought with it NEW transportation for me. I'm so lucky, we bought a NEW car!  Ok, not really, but all of these NEW things were just making me think of the Price is Right.  Starting yesterday, I now get to ride my NEW bike to campus everyday.  I wasn't too thrilled at first but I actually am really enjoying it (all 2 times I've done it).  It takes me about 25 minutes.  And because I now finally have a bike, last night Jordan and I decided to buy a NEW bike rack, so we can ride our bikes anywhere we want, including in the canyon, which I am most excited about.

7.  Even though Jordan is working 40 hours a week, he is also taking NEW classes this Summer.  We both only have one G.E. left that we are finishing.  Mine is Geology and Jordan's is his Art credit which he will be filling by taking Music 101.

8.  I know I have already mentioned this (here) but our NEW favorite activity is tennis.  I think this will be the Summer of tennis.  We go play every chance we get.  Orem High School is only a few blocks away from our house and they have great tennis courts.  Last night we rode our bikes over there to play. 

9.  Jordan and I have loved having all of the fruit and vegetables from our NEW Bountiful Basket and have been trying lots of NEW recipes.

10.  This Summer will also bring with it a NEW brother-in-law.  Jordan's brother, Devan, has been on his mission the entire time I have known Jordan.  He will be coming home on July 27th from Singapore.  I can't wait to meet Devan.

Here's to a GREAT Summer!


  1. I love everything about this. Your life sounds so wonderful and fun and busy. I hope it's the greatest summer thus far...and that maybe I'll get to see you a couple times maybe.

  2. That would be absolutely wonderful. Let me know when you're free...Ms.[soon-to-be] Gardner!


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