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I woke up late. [Which means I didn't get to take a shower]
And my phone wasn't working.
I didn't want to go to work. [I did anyway]
I didn't want to make a lunch. [So I didn't]
The textbook that I needed to spend all day today reading was left in the car accidentally, which is now sitting, parked in Salt Lake.
I [just about] crashed on my bike.  I didn't get hurt or fall down, but I did lose control momentarily when I was trying to get back up on the curb.  My bike is now making a funny noise. [embarrassing]
I got to work more sweaty than usual, because I woke up late and had to ride faster.
Jordan usually texts me when he gets to work so I know he's made it there safely.  No text today...because my phone wasn't working.

In general I was just pretty grumpy this morning.

I worked my shift, which was a call shift, which are not my favorite kind.
I fixed my cell phone. 
I heard from Jordan.
I brought another textbook which also needs to be read.
I went to the Awful Waffle for lunch. [And got a FREE waffle!]
I watched a little bit of tennis.
And now I am back at work, a bit happier.

I think today will be ok.


  1. Where is the Awful Waffle?! Is this new?

  2. Yes, it is very new. It is across the street from South End Market, behind Campus Plaza I guess...


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