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Garden Update


Remember how we planted a garden?  Well, we have tons of tomatoes growing!  And today we even discovered one pepper as well.  I've never had a garden before and I am very pleased with it's success thus far.  That tomato looks pretty good, don't you think so?  Now that I know we can do it, I'll be much more determined and maybe a little bit adventurous next year.  Can't wait to eat some of the fruits of our labors!

P.S.  Jordan only has 4 more days of his internship.  FOUR.  We only have to go to bed extra early 4 more times (ok, maybe I like going be bed early...), with 4 more early mornings (but I will be SO glad when these are over...), and then we're done!  Yahooooo!

Current Pinterest Loves


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Oh the places you'll go...(10)

Some new feet pictures!
To see more like this and learn why click here.

Jessica and Marci @ Lake Powell
The hubs @ his internship.  He's been crushing candy canes.  Can you tell?
Kara @ her internship with the Colorado Republican Party, and with the cutest shoes.
Kara @ the Mary Kay Seminar in Dallax, TX in the Adolphus Hotel.  She got to stay in the Queen's room!
Elizabeth @ the Santa Monica Beach.  She is spending the summer in L.A. doing an internship.
 Who knew this would turn into an internship post?

Lauren @ the Berlin Wall.  So neat!

I love seeing the new dots pop up all over the map.  If you would like to send me some feet pictures like these please do.  I love getting them!

2011 List: 8.Bees game

To celebrate Pioneer Day Jordan and I headed out to Spring Mobile Ballpark to watch the Bee's play!  I had never been to a Bee's game and I had really been wanting to go to one, so I'm glad we were finally able to do it.
Earlier that day Martha and I got pedicures.  We had a great time.  Thanks Martha!
It rained on and off most of the game, but during one of the off times look what we saw!  
After the game we enjoyed an awesome fireworks show. 

What a great way to celebrate the Pioneers!  Pedicures and baseball, I'm sure two of their favorite things.  

Happy Pioneer Day!

Some people are just not very smart...


And just let me tell you something else...this is not the first time I have seen this happen.

Alturas 2011


We returned home this afternoon from my second trip to Alturas Lake.  We had a great 5 days, despite my 21 mosquito bites.  Alturas is beautiful and we had a really fun time with our Sorensen Family (but you better believe that I am excited to sleep in my own bed tonight).

10 of our favorite things about the 2011 Alturas Trip:
1. Games by the campfire
2. Yummy food
3. Seeing family that lives far away
4. Zip together sleeping bags
5. Screwy Louie (especially playing with grandma)
6. Baby Lauren's stink eye
7. The lake is still cold.
8. Pretty wildflowers
9. Good weather
10. Being outside

10 Current Thoughts

Last year at Alturas.
1.  We are recovering from Havasupai and are getting ready to head to Alturas, for a family reunion on Jordan's side if the family.  Good thing I kind of like camping...since I'm getting to do it twice in one month!

We had a few of our camping things out in the backyard to air out/dry off, like our tent, Jordan's backpacking backpack, sleeping mats...etc.  We were planning on packing everything up last night because things were pretty much dry HOWEVER, during the middle of Jordan's intramural Frisbee game a sudden freak wind/rain storm came around and got everything totally soaked again.  Dang.  Now we get to wait for them to dry out again.

2.  School is going well, I am loving my classes this Summer.  I think my favorite one is Adolescent Development.  I find it totally fascinating.

3.  Jordan only has to wake up early 8 more times.  Yes, we are counting down the days/hours until he is done with this internship.

4.  While we were in Vegas last weekend we went to church before we headed out of town.  We had quite the experience.  There was a woman there who during the sacrament, between every speaker, and before the closing song she got up on the stand and wanted to speak to the congregation.  Every time, the bishop would ask her to take her seat but the last time she started rambling.  We couldn't really understand what she was saying because they turned the microphone off and we're pretty sure she was speaking in a mix of Spanish and English but the words we could understand included $20 million, $60 million, a country singer, and 8 children.  It was quite the experience.

5.  Our 1 year anniversary is in 1 week and 1 month.  Wow!  I can't believe it has already been that long.

6.  In our last bountiful basket we received some red chard.  Ever heard of it?  Neither had we.  We looked up some recipes and decided to make some red chard pasta on on Tuesday.  It was pretty tasty but I'm not about to start putting red chard on our shopping list every week.

7.  Jordan's brother, Devan comes home from his mission two weeks from yesterday.  And today is his brother Austan's brithday!  Happy birthday Austan!

8.  As I mentioned before my mom and brothers came out to Utah for the 4th of July and we had a great time.  My brothers had baseball camp at BYU the week of the 4th.  My mom had to go back to Colorado before their camp was over so my dad flew out to Utah while Jordan and I were at Havasupai.  I wasvery sad that I didn't get to see him while he was here but he sure helped us out a ton!  He painted Dorethy's porch and he fixed the steps down to our little apartment.  Thank you SO much dad!

9.  My beautiful friend Kara is supposed to get her mission call today!  I'm SOO excited for her.  I can hardly stand the wait of knowing where she will be spending 18 months of her life preaching the gospel.

10.   20 minutes until my Geology class.  This week we are going up Heber Valley.  I don't think I've been up there since I was like 8 with my grandma and grandpa.  It should be fun!

Havasupai in Haiku


Family Vacation--
We went to Havasupai.
Read on to hear more...

Our Group: Net, Jim, Al,
Shelly, Kal, Tori, Brady,
Court, Zach, Steve, and us

Clean before the hike,
10 miles to our campsite...
a long way to go.

We're thankful for mules.
They carried our heavy bags...
made our backs happy.

Hike, hike, hike, hike, hike,
over hundred degree temps,
drink LOTS of water!

We are still smiling.
Will we ever reach the end?
Where is all the shade?

Creatures all around,
2 snakes and lots of lizards,
mules, dogs, frogs, and bugs.

After 6 miles
we saw a sign for the town.
4 more miles to go!

It was all worth it
when we saw the waterfalls.
'Twas an Oasis.

Look! Havasu Falls!
We came around the corner,
this is what we saw!

Playing in the falls,
it felt very refreshing!
We had so much fun!

Our five star hotel--
open the screen to see stars...
room enough for 2.

Descend at own risk?
Nearly vertical descent...
Where were we going?

Tallest of the falls,
Mooney was a sight to see.
It was worth the risk!

Jordan hiked 12 more
to the Colorado Riv,
found a palm tree too!

Caught in a monsoon,
the way home was dangerous.
Saw some special things.

Made it out alive!
Was it longer than last time?
It sure felt like it.

Jordan was tired.
Happy to be done hiking.
Where should we go next?

Viva Las Vegas!
Nice shower, shopping, and fun!
We had a GREAT trip.

We like to write haikus.  To see our Honeymoon in Haiku click here.
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