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2011 List: 8.Bees game

To celebrate Pioneer Day Jordan and I headed out to Spring Mobile Ballpark to watch the Bee's play!  I had never been to a Bee's game and I had really been wanting to go to one, so I'm glad we were finally able to do it.
Earlier that day Martha and I got pedicures.  We had a great time.  Thanks Martha!
It rained on and off most of the game, but during one of the off times look what we saw!  
After the game we enjoyed an awesome fireworks show. 

What a great way to celebrate the Pioneers!  Pedicures and baseball, I'm sure two of their favorite things.  

Happy Pioneer Day!


  1. We want to go to a Bee's game so bad! That looks so fun!

  2. You should! There are a few more firework games coming up, those are always fun.

  3. woohoo! I love watching baseball games on the grass, especially the Bees. how fun!

  4. Love the pictures. Love the 4th of July adventures. Love you! Enjoy the rest of summer! ~Laura


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