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Alturas 2011


We returned home this afternoon from my second trip to Alturas Lake.  We had a great 5 days, despite my 21 mosquito bites.  Alturas is beautiful and we had a really fun time with our Sorensen Family (but you better believe that I am excited to sleep in my own bed tonight).

10 of our favorite things about the 2011 Alturas Trip:
1. Games by the campfire
2. Yummy food
3. Seeing family that lives far away
4. Zip together sleeping bags
5. Screwy Louie (especially playing with grandma)
6. Baby Lauren's stink eye
7. The lake is still cold.
8. Pretty wildflowers
9. Good weather
10. Being outside


  1. I love the pictures! It looks like it was a beautiful trip!

  2. Um, okay. do you still have a fancy camera like the one that you got for your class because your pictures are awesome! Love it :) Ever since we first got here I've been thinking about wanting a really nice camera. Looks like a blast!

  3. Thanks! My friend Krista gave me a really cool older Canon camera. It's a film camera and it takes awesome pictures. Some of the pictures in this post were just taken with my little digital but the good ones were taken with the new one...Some of the pictures from the 4thof July were taken with this new camera too.


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