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Havasupai in Haiku


Family Vacation--
We went to Havasupai.
Read on to hear more...

Our Group: Net, Jim, Al,
Shelly, Kal, Tori, Brady,
Court, Zach, Steve, and us

Clean before the hike,
10 miles to our campsite...
a long way to go.

We're thankful for mules.
They carried our heavy bags...
made our backs happy.

Hike, hike, hike, hike, hike,
over hundred degree temps,
drink LOTS of water!

We are still smiling.
Will we ever reach the end?
Where is all the shade?

Creatures all around,
2 snakes and lots of lizards,
mules, dogs, frogs, and bugs.

After 6 miles
we saw a sign for the town.
4 more miles to go!

It was all worth it
when we saw the waterfalls.
'Twas an Oasis.

Look! Havasu Falls!
We came around the corner,
this is what we saw!

Playing in the falls,
it felt very refreshing!
We had so much fun!

Our five star hotel--
open the screen to see stars...
room enough for 2.

Descend at own risk?
Nearly vertical descent...
Where were we going?

Tallest of the falls,
Mooney was a sight to see.
It was worth the risk!

Jordan hiked 12 more
to the Colorado Riv,
found a palm tree too!

Caught in a monsoon,
the way home was dangerous.
Saw some special things.

Made it out alive!
Was it longer than last time?
It sure felt like it.

Jordan was tired.
Happy to be done hiking.
Where should we go next?

Viva Las Vegas!
Nice shower, shopping, and fun!
We had a GREAT trip.

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  1. Looks amazing. We are dying to do that! How far in advance did you book it?

  2. one question: where the heck did you get mules?!


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