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Oh the places you'll go...(10)


Some new feet pictures!
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Jessica and Marci @ Lake Powell
The hubs @ his internship.  He's been crushing candy canes.  Can you tell?
Kara @ her internship with the Colorado Republican Party, and with the cutest shoes.
Kara @ the Mary Kay Seminar in Dallax, TX in the Adolphus Hotel.  She got to stay in the Queen's room!
Elizabeth @ the Santa Monica Beach.  She is spending the summer in L.A. doing an internship.
 Who knew this would turn into an internship post?

Lauren @ the Berlin Wall.  So neat!

I love seeing the new dots pop up all over the map.  If you would like to send me some feet pictures like these please do.  I love getting them!


  1. you better believe i'll be putting canada on the map in december!!!

  2. i also just realized that i have ghost legs in that first picture. not just because i'm super white, but i think i was moving or something. or my camera phone just stinks. or i'm just really white. dangit.

  3. Canada is seriously lacking on this map so that will be just wonderful!

  4. Love those black strappy heels against the floral carpet backdrop. xo


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