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Oh the places you'll go...(9)

Here's another round of AWESOME feet pictures.  Seriously...these are so cool.

My mom and Sarah at the Rockies game...
Have you ever seen such a cool feet picture?  I haven't.
Me, at school...don't mind the wrinkly skirt... 
How neat is this one?  This is the beautiful Lauren, at Riddarfjarden Bay in Stockholm, Sweden.  Lauren sent me a bunch of really cool feet pictures from her recent trip to Europe!  Here's another one:
This one is from her brother's wedding in Stockholm.  I love the plants growing around the stones...
She sent me some other really neat one's that I will be posting later!
This one is from Jordan's Aunt Melinda, and her 3rd grade class!
Here are the Rust's on top of Mt. Evans!
Thanks so much for supporting me and sending me awesome feet pictures.  Send me some if you go some where cool or maybe if you get a new pair of shoes!


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