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Weekend of the 4th


We went to the Stadium of Fire, which included some way way good food at the pre- and post- parties, some great music and awesome fireworks...

OH! And did I mention that we got to meet Steve Young?!

Dylan and Logan spent the night with us on Sunday so they could come watch the hot air balloons on Monday:

After the hot air balloons we went to the parade.

We also went to some fun picnis, and BBQs all with great food. We spent time resting and relaxing and spent lots of time with family. My mom and brothers came to town late Friday night and we enjoyed spending time together this weekend. I love the 4th of July!

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  1. Oh man, I would love a picture with Steve Young...people from high school ask me all the time if I've met him yet, as if he just roams BYU campus for fun haha. Anyway, looks like you guys had so much fun, wish we could have been there with you!


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