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Last year today, I was counting down the days, filled with excitement and anticipation. I was running around, making sure that everything was going to happen according to plan. I was going through the temple for the first time, taking bridal pictures, going to lots of doctor's appointments... But I was trying to stay calm and enjoy the wedding festivities! That seems like SO long ago. I am in no way a marriage professional but I will have been married for one whole year in 4 days. And I think that is an accomplishment. Here are some of the lessons I have learned during my first year of marriage:


1. We're a unit. We are already a family. When we were engaged we were told that when you get married you will be a family, not when you start having kids like people say, you know, "We're thinking about starting a family..." No, we're a family now.

2. Seeing as we are a family now, we need to have each other's best interests at heart. If I take care of him, and he takes care of me, everything will get taken care of.

3. We do things differently and that's OK. For example, I always thought it was interesting that Jordan wanted to do the dishes before dinner. It made more sense to me to do the dishes after dinner so we only have to do them once, but Jordan wanted to do them before dinner so they wouldn't totally pile up, with way too many to do comfortably in one sitting after dinner. Both ways are right. We both have good ideas and neither one is more correct.

4. Jordan and I read a few marriage books before we got married because neither of us felt like we really knew what we were getting into and we wanted as much advice as we could get. In one of the books it said that you need 20 minutes a day of time, talk, and touch. Even though we don't schedule this time or anything like that, I think that we do try to do this. That is, be together with undivided attention, talking about our day, or whatever we feel like we need to/want to talk about. For me it makes me feel important and loved. I like that he will listen to what I have to say, and that I know about what's going on in his life, about his day and his thoughts. When we haven't talked or spent time together, it feels weird. The time (at least 20 minutes) now comes naturally, but I think when we were first married it helped to do this.

5. Anything we need to do is more fun when done together, rather than separate. I think this is especially true now, while we don't have any kids. We like to cook together, clean together, run errands together...etc. I know someday this might have to change but right now, I LOVE IT!

6. Sometimes you have to live life on the fly. Like moving with only 2 days of notice.

7. Family budgeting. The first Monday of the month, we have designated as FHE budget. We review every purchase we made the month before and talk about where we are spending too much money, where we can maybe save a little bit more. We have tried a few different budgeting methods, and have found one that works for us.

8.This one is silly, but it is still a lesson I have learned/am still learning. Sometimes I get frustrated with how long it takes me to get ready, compared to how fast Jordan can get ready. I get frustrated because there are things I want to do around the house that I can't be doing because I'm getting ready.  It's ok, if things around the house are dirty for a while. I just can't get frustrated about it because I can do it later.

9. In conjunction with that, I have found that I am a happier person when the house is clean. It is easier to focus on other things if I don't have to worry about huge messes.

10 .We can't both be grumpy at the same time. This is how to save ourselves from fighting; it's as easy as that. If I notice that Jordan is grumpy, I can't be grumpy and vice versa. We need to buoy each other up.

There you have it! A few of the lessons I have learned in my first year of marriage. I have lots more to learn. And I'm excited for the future. And I love Jordan.

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