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Logan, Ut and the Top of Utah Half Marathon

After the temple we picked up our packets for the run and then went to Firehouse Pizzeria for dinner. Thanks to Jessica for the recommendation! It was so good. We even got free FH'zzookie for dessert. Yum!

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early and headed to the finish line to board the school buses to be taken to the starting line. I was freezing at the starting line while we waited for the race to start. Once it started though, I sure warmed up. We had a good run. We weren't as diligent with our training this year, but we were still pleased with our results.

After the race, and before we headed out of town we went to Old Grist Mill for lunch and had a delicious sandwich and a huge raspberry cinnamon roll.

It was a great trip!

P.s. Check out our list!  We've been checking lots of things off lately! Here are the most recent:
3. Alpine slide
53. Logan Temple
55. Manti Temple
64. Park City
69. Run half marathon


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