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RedBox Movies

One of our favorite date nights consists of running over to the Maverick Gas station near our house, grabbing a Cherry Pepsi with vanilla, renting a redbox, making popcorn and watching a movie.  We find this very relaxing and low key and we both enjoy a good movie.

Here are reviews of the last 10 red box movies we have seen.

10. Just Go With It
Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston were in this movie.  Basically what it comes down to with this movie is that we didn't like it.  Not even a little bit.  We turned it off before it was over because the acting was horrible and the plot was probably even worse.  I recommend never seeing this movie.  It doesn't even deserve a description because it was so stupid.  The only reason why we rented this one was because it was a recommendation.  However, I don't like Adam Sandler, and I probably never ever will.

9. The Switch
It is kind of interesting that the last two movies one our list both have Jennifer Aniston in them.  This movie was a little bit below average.  Some parts were kind of funny, but mostly it was just ok.  Our favorite line, spoken by the little boy was, "Mom, I think I want to herd cattle."

WHeeeew, glad we got those off our we get to the good stuff...

8. Megamind
This one was cute and funny.  It had the voices of Brad Pitt and Will Ferrell and overall it a great good guy vs. bad guy cartoon.  It had some pretty good laughs.

7. The Conspirator
Directed by Robert Redford,  and staring Robin Wright and James McAvoy, this true story was interesting, entertaining, and even slightly frustrating.  Neither of us learned about this in school so we liked hearing about it and even looked up more information afterward.  It's definitely a drama, no action, or comedy, so if you can handle that, it might be worth your time.

6. Get Low
Jordan is a big Bill Murray fan so just seeing that he was in this movie, we had to try it out.  We rented this one the same night as Just Go With It, good thing too because we ended up needing a replacement that night.  This one is about an old man who has stayed in his house for many years.  He hears that a man in town has passed away and gets an idea.  He wants to have a living funeral for himself so he can hear what the townspeople have to say about him before he actually goes.  We liked this one because it was unusual.

5. Source Code
This fast paced movie staring Jake Gyllenhaal, was interesting because most of the movie took place on a train.  I'd say almost 75%.  It's kind of like a mystery, which Jordan and I both like, because we lenjoy trying to work out all of the details as the movie is happening.  And I'll just note with this one, Jordan totally called it, I don't know how he knew, but he did. Entertaining, heart beating, and confusing, you'll leave wanting to know more.

4. Morning Glory
For some reason we didn't have super high hopes for this one, but it was surprisingly above average.  It was about a rundown morning news show that needed some revamping.  It was one of those movies where the lead character was set up for failure, but somehow managed to overcome the odds.  and I think if I remember correctly it was kind of funny.

These next three I loved!

3. The Tourist
Lots of people we talked to didn't like this one, so we also didn't have very high hopes for it, but once again, it ended up being surprisingly above average.  We tried to work out all of the details in this one but neither of us could figure it out and I think that's what made this movie so good.  Plus, Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp are a perfect movie couple, don't you think?  Its like a Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan kind of fit.  They're both dark and mysterious.  This movie caught us by surprise and I think that's why we liked it so much.

2. Secretariat
This great movie with Diane Lane and John Malkovich, was probably the perfect car movie.  We watched it driving home from Havasupai.  I say that because it's only flaw, and I don't know if I can really call it that, is the length.  It is a bit long, but every second of it is good. You get so enthralled in the emotion of the races, and attached to this horse.  You want Big Red to win.

And last but not least.....

1. Flipped
Madeline Carroll is great in this movie (she's also in Mr. Popper's Penguins which we just recently saw at the dollar theater, and also really liked).  This movie is about your typical little boy who moves in across the street from your typical little girl who has a very big crush on said boy.  I think one of the reasons why I liked it so much was because I was taking Adolescent Development when we saw it, so I was analyzing every thought.  I liked the cute story and how it was so accurate in getting inside of the mind of a boy and girl.  Highly recommend.

Have you seen any good red box movies lately?


  1. my husband totally called it in source code too! also i have never heard of the conspirator but now i want to watch it. we checked out limitless the other day but i completely hated it and went to bed within the first half hour.

  2. Okay I have not heard of more than half of these movies but now I am sooo excited to get back to redbox (they don't have them here) and know that there ARE some decent ones in there. we hadn't been getting too lucky lately. But I read the book Flipped a long time ago and LOVED it so I am so excited to see that they made a movie out of it. thanks for the reviews! (last movie we've seen is flyboys - AWESOME)


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