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Part 1.


I love the fall.

It reminds me of the Weepies and John Mayor.

But what this fall and last fall both reminded me of the most was the fall before that. The fall when I first met Jordan.  

That semester I moved into the Arch house with 9 other girls.  5 of which I knew, 3 I didn't.  

Just before that semester had started I had applied to study at the BYU Jerusalem Center and was waiting to hear back.  

I was excited to be living off campus, out of the dorms and to be back in Provo, since I had spent the Summer at home.  

After a series of fortunate events one of my new roommates, Jamie, went up to campus with her friend.  They ran into Jordan (who was on a date) and started talking.  Jamie's friend knew Jordan from a former ward, and introduced him to Jamie.  

The next day at church Jordan connected the dots and realized that Jamie lived in the new house, that had just been added to their ward, with 10 girls.  Since he had just met Jamie and it was the beginning of the semester, being the friendly guy he is, invited her and her roommates over that night.

I actually didn't go, I can't remember why, but it didn't take long for Jamie to discover Cole, one of Jordan's roommates (they are now married).  Needless to say, our house and Jordan's house soon became friends and started doing things together, a lot.  After we had done a few things together, ward activities,  played frisbee, watched a few movies, Jordan and I figured out that we were both taking Materials, a pre-engineering class, and started doing homework together.  Jordan would come over to my house every other night to do homework.  

The funny thing about this, is that I would usually already have that homework done.  I would do it earlier in the day with my friend Allison in the lab. But of course I wasn't going to turn down this perfectly good homework offer BECAUSE I had a big crush on Jordan.  

One of the first times we did homework together as Jordan was leaving we ended up talking on the driveway.  We talked for 3 hours!  It was so easy to talk to him, and I think he felt the same about me.  He told me about his family and about his life and afterward I went back inside liking him even more.  

Soon homework every other day, turned into everyday.  Everyone knew I liked him but I still couldn't tell if he liked me back.  I waited and waited for him to finally ask me on a date.  In my mind it took him FOREVER to ask me, but in reality it was only about 3 weeks.  And during those 3 weeks we had been getting to know each other more and more and spending lots of time together.

For our first date, Jordan and I went to a BYU Women's volleyball game.  We had a great time at the game, which I was glad about because I was really nervous.  Then we headed to Cold Stone where we ended up staying for quite some time.  Eventually he took me back home.  I invited him in for a few minutes and then walked him back outside, where he kissed me!  On our first date!  I wasn't sure how I felt about this at the time, but now I'm glad.

We continued to go on dates and continued to have a great time being together.  Some of our favorite dates included going to see Toy Story in 3D and then playing with PlayDough, going to the Jazz game, playing cards (particularly Old Maid), and almost every Sunday of that Fall semester we would watch a Disney movie together.

Jordan was always so sweet and caring.  I loved asking him about his day and hearing about all of the things he was up to.  At that time I had an ever so glamerous custodial job, cleaning up after basketball and football games.  I hated walking home from the Marriott Center alone so Jordan would meet me and walk me home.  I loved that!  

Soon I found out that I was going to be leaving in January for Jerusalem and we both had to think about what was going to happen and about what we wanted to do.  We didn't talk about it very much but decided we would continue dating until I left.  

We had so much fun together and I remember being so happy almost all of the time.  Jordan really made me happy.  He is such a positive person and I knew I liked having that in my life.  

December came and it was time for me to pack up all of my stuff and move out of the Arch house.  Jordan and I decided we would just stop dating (since clearly we couldn't date being 8,000 miles away from each other), Jordan was free to date other girls but we both wanted to keep in contact while I was gone.

To be continued....

Wedding Pictures

Sometimes I'll catch myself looking at our wedding pictures.  I just love them.  Is this the case for anyone else who has recently been married?  Do you love looking at your wedding pictures?

In other news I have thought that it was Thursday all day today.  I'm not sure how this happened but I'm glad I finally realized it was only Tuesday.  I guess I must have had a loooooooong Monday.  Long enough to replace 3 whole days.

Also, if you haven't had a chance to enter my GIVEAWAY yet don't forgot to do so!

Clicks - Provo Canyon

Friday was the first official day of Fall, so we went on a drive up the canyon tonight to see the pretty Fall leaves.  They did not disappoint.

Jordan's shirt matched the leaves.  He says he didn't plan it.

Kara goes to the MTC on Wednesday, she's going to be a wonderful missionary.

Friday we're heading to New Mexico for the Albuquerque International Balloon Festival.  I couldn't be more excited!  I hope this week goes faster than last week.

Massages and a GIVEAWAY

2 things:

1) Jordan and I got massages tonight.  It was a first for both of us.  Let me just tell you...I am a BIG fan.  I think we should all get one once a week.  The world would be a better place.  My back has never felt so good.  Ever.  A sincere thank you to Krista for this amazing anniversary present!

2) I'm doing a GIVEAWAY for a painting over on my friend Brittany's blog,  To enter all you have to do is follow my blog and comment on her post saying that you follow my blog.

Enter!  Good luck!  I hope you win!

Etsy Shop

The first two paintings, in this group of paintings, I painted for Jordan for our anniversary.  My inspiration was two of our engagement pictures.  They are watercolor paintings and given my experience I think they turned out really well!  Since then I have painted a few other ones and a few weeks ago I decided to open an Etsy shop!  See the button on the right that says Etsy?  That's a link to my shop.  Check it out!  Maybe order a painting or 2.  Or give me some feedback.  What do you think of my paintings?

The first painting in this last row is of my Aunt Pam's family.  I painted it last night and I love it.  I love Max's shirt.  The paintings are really fun, if there are really bright or interesting patterns on the clothing being worn.

Here's how it works.  If you want a painting you send me a picture, via email or etsy and I will paint you your very own lovely painting just like the ones above!  So check out my shop!

Oh!  And tell all of your friend and neighbors to check out my little shop too!

Current Pinterest Loves


Birthday Weekend

Saturday was Jordan's birthday. We celebrated all weekend long! Friday night we went to Tucanos for dinner. Saturday we went to Winger's for lunch and to the game. (Let's not talk about how badly we lost... sad sad day in cougar town.) And then Sunday night we had a little birthday party! It was a great weekend.

I love you Jord! Happy Birthday!

Sewn & Grown


My mother-in-law gave me this fabric for Christmas and I finished the first part of this quilt on Saturday (I know, it took me a while...).  It's not quite finished yet, but I already love it!

I never thought we'd be very good at gardening, but look!  This is what I picked yesterday!  And we still have things growing outside!

10 things I'm looking forward to about Fall


While Fall semester may be in full swing, it still feels a lot more like Summer than Fall. I can tell that the seasons are changing but the sunshine is still around and I am enjoying it while it lasts. However, there are a few things I am looking forward to as Fall really starts:

1. At the start of school in the Fall I'm always reminded of You've Got Mail. Joe Fox says, "Don't you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address." A bouquet of newly sharpened pencils! I love that. The start of school is always fresh and new and exciting for me.

2. Hello, Fall clothes obviously needs to be high on this list. Warm sweaters, scarves, long sleeve shirts. Changing from Summer clothes to Fall clothes is like getting a whole new wardrobe. Hi sweater, oh how I have missed you!

3. The leaves changing color.  I can't wait to drive up the canyon and look at the beautiful leaves changing colors.

4. The number of days until Jordan's birthday. Birthdays are exciting. 

5. General Conference. This is a time when we get to hear the words of our modern day prophet, and other church leaders. It is always rejuvenating and fulfilling.

6. We're going to the Hot Air Balloon Festival in New Mexico. I'm getting so excited. I can't wait to see all of the balloons and vibrant colors

7. We're planning another trip to Moab and I'm also excited about that.

8. The beginning of Fall isn't freezing but isn't scorching hot. Nice in between temperature.

9. Because it isn't freezing we can still do fun things outside, like bike rides, one of my favorite things!

10. This doesn't have anything to do with Fall but it is hilarious and I think you will enjoy it...

Is there anything that would be on your Fall list that wasn't on mine?



9/11 destruction allowed us to spiritually rebuild
By Thomas S. Monson

The calamity of September 11th, 2001 has cast a long shadow. Ten years later, many of us are still haunted by its terrible tragedy of lost lives and broken hearts. It is an episode of anguish that has become a defining moment in the history of the American nation and the world. This week, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, along with Tom Brokaw, will pay its own homage to the unforgettable events of September 11, 2001.

There was, as many have noted, a remarkable surge of faith following the tragedy. People across the United States rediscovered the need for God and turned to Him for solace and understanding. Comfortable times were shattered. We felt the great unsteadiness of life and reached for the great steadiness of our Father in Heaven. And, as ever, we found it. Americans of all faiths came together in a remarkable way.

Sadly, it seems that much of that renewal of faith has waned in the years that have followed. Healing has come with time, but so has indifference. We forget how vulnerable and sorrowful we felt. Our sorrow moved us to remember the deep purposes of our lives. The darkness of our despair brought us a moment of enlightenment. But we are forgetful. When the depth of grief has passed, its lessons often pass from our minds and hearts as well.

Our Father’s commitment to us, His children, is unwavering. Indeed He softens the winters of our lives, but He also brightens our summers. Whether it is the best of times or the worst, He is with us. He has promised us that this will never change.

But we are less faithful than He is. By nature we are vain, frail, and foolish. We sometimes neglect God. Sometimes we fail to keep the commandments that He gives us to make us happy. Sometimes we fail to commune with Him in prayer. Sometimes we forget to succor the poor and the downtrodden who are also His children. And our forgetfulness is very much to our detriment.

If there is a spiritual lesson to be learned from our experience of that fateful day, it may be that we owe to God the same faithfulness that He gives to us. We should strive for steadiness, and for a commitment to God that does not ebb and flow with the years or the crises of our lives. It should not require tragedy for us to remember Him, and we should not be compelled to humility before giving Him our faith and trust. We too should be with Him in every season.

The way to be with God in every season is to strive to be near Him every week and each day. We truly “need Him every hour,” not just in hours of devastation. We must speak to Him, listen to Him, and serve Him. If we wish to serve Him, we should serve our fellow men. We will mourn the lives we lose, but we should also fix the lives that can be mended and heal the hearts that may yet be healed.

It is constancy that God would have from us. Tragedies are not merely opportunities to give Him a fleeting thought, or for momentary insight to His plan for our happiness. Destruction allows us to rebuild our lives in the way He teaches us, and to become something different than we were. We can make Him the center of our thoughts and His Son, Jesus Christ, the pattern for our behavior. We may not only find faith in God in our sorrow. We may also become faithful to Him in times of calm.

[Thomas S. Monson is president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.]

Friend Moon


Isn't this picture cool?  I just took it and I had to put it up.
When I was little I used to call the moon, Friend Moon.

Somehow, I'm not sure how, but short weeks always feel much longer than regular weeks. Was this the case for you?  We had a long week and are slightly worn out.  I know I'm looking forward to some relaxing this weekend. Do you have any exciting plans?

Happy Weekend!

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