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The first two paintings, in this group of paintings, I painted for Jordan for our anniversary.  My inspiration was two of our engagement pictures.  They are watercolor paintings and given my experience I think they turned out really well!  Since then I have painted a few other ones and a few weeks ago I decided to open an Etsy shop!  See the button on the right that says Etsy?  That's a link to my shop.  Check it out!  Maybe order a painting or 2.  Or give me some feedback.  What do you think of my paintings?

The first painting in this last row is of my Aunt Pam's family.  I painted it last night and I love it.  I love Max's shirt.  The paintings are really fun, if there are really bright or interesting patterns on the clothing being worn.

Here's how it works.  If you want a painting you send me a picture, via email or etsy and I will paint you your very own lovely painting just like the ones above!  So check out my shop!

Oh!  And tell all of your friend and neighbors to check out my little shop too!


  1. My sister-in-law saw ours in our house yesterday and loved it, sounded like she wanted one too! I'll text you or something

  2. Oh my goodness, I just got your painting of us in the mail today! I love it so much, these are so cute!

  3. stop it! seriously? those are so amazing! i love them!


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