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Birthday Weekend

Saturday was Jordan's birthday. We celebrated all weekend long! Friday night we went to Tucanos for dinner. Saturday we went to Winger's for lunch and to the game. (Let's not talk about how badly we lost... sad sad day in cougar town.) And then Sunday night we had a little birthday party! It was a great weekend.

I love you Jord! Happy Birthday!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post :) love the football shot behind all the black cheering arms (if only that could have been the shot to define the game). the cake picture looks awesome too, can't wait for hot air balloon pics!

  2. corina, you are so pretty! and seriously? i love your party pictures, i wish i were as creative as you.

  3. @Claire - I know. I wish that was the defining shot of the game. That must have been one of the few times that BYU fans were actually cheering.

    @Sha-Li - Thank you! and actually I'm pretty sure you are WAY more creative than I am.

    And to both of you - you are my official Alaska Friends.

  4. your blog is adorable :) even if you are a byu fan haha I kid I kid!

  5. LOVE the 25 out of pictures. I've been wanting to do that for someone's birthday for so long now. Also I love the sweet circle bunting! Did you make it? If so major props, it turned out awesome!
    BYU game.. eh, I won't even get into that. ha too sad to think about.

  6. Corina, your party pictures are so cute. I love that the streamer things are sewed and so colorful! And I am really craving chocolate covered strawberries now!


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