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Part 1.


I love the fall.

It reminds me of the Weepies and John Mayor.

But what this fall and last fall both reminded me of the most was the fall before that. The fall when I first met Jordan.  

That semester I moved into the Arch house with 9 other girls.  5 of which I knew, 3 I didn't.  

Just before that semester had started I had applied to study at the BYU Jerusalem Center and was waiting to hear back.  

I was excited to be living off campus, out of the dorms and to be back in Provo, since I had spent the Summer at home.  

After a series of fortunate events one of my new roommates, Jamie, went up to campus with her friend.  They ran into Jordan (who was on a date) and started talking.  Jamie's friend knew Jordan from a former ward, and introduced him to Jamie.  

The next day at church Jordan connected the dots and realized that Jamie lived in the new house, that had just been added to their ward, with 10 girls.  Since he had just met Jamie and it was the beginning of the semester, being the friendly guy he is, invited her and her roommates over that night.

I actually didn't go, I can't remember why, but it didn't take long for Jamie to discover Cole, one of Jordan's roommates (they are now married).  Needless to say, our house and Jordan's house soon became friends and started doing things together, a lot.  After we had done a few things together, ward activities,  played frisbee, watched a few movies, Jordan and I figured out that we were both taking Materials, a pre-engineering class, and started doing homework together.  Jordan would come over to my house every other night to do homework.  

The funny thing about this, is that I would usually already have that homework done.  I would do it earlier in the day with my friend Allison in the lab. But of course I wasn't going to turn down this perfectly good homework offer BECAUSE I had a big crush on Jordan.  

One of the first times we did homework together as Jordan was leaving we ended up talking on the driveway.  We talked for 3 hours!  It was so easy to talk to him, and I think he felt the same about me.  He told me about his family and about his life and afterward I went back inside liking him even more.  

Soon homework every other day, turned into everyday.  Everyone knew I liked him but I still couldn't tell if he liked me back.  I waited and waited for him to finally ask me on a date.  In my mind it took him FOREVER to ask me, but in reality it was only about 3 weeks.  And during those 3 weeks we had been getting to know each other more and more and spending lots of time together.

For our first date, Jordan and I went to a BYU Women's volleyball game.  We had a great time at the game, which I was glad about because I was really nervous.  Then we headed to Cold Stone where we ended up staying for quite some time.  Eventually he took me back home.  I invited him in for a few minutes and then walked him back outside, where he kissed me!  On our first date!  I wasn't sure how I felt about this at the time, but now I'm glad.

We continued to go on dates and continued to have a great time being together.  Some of our favorite dates included going to see Toy Story in 3D and then playing with PlayDough, going to the Jazz game, playing cards (particularly Old Maid), and almost every Sunday of that Fall semester we would watch a Disney movie together.

Jordan was always so sweet and caring.  I loved asking him about his day and hearing about all of the things he was up to.  At that time I had an ever so glamerous custodial job, cleaning up after basketball and football games.  I hated walking home from the Marriott Center alone so Jordan would meet me and walk me home.  I loved that!  

Soon I found out that I was going to be leaving in January for Jerusalem and we both had to think about what was going to happen and about what we wanted to do.  We didn't talk about it very much but decided we would continue dating until I left.  

We had so much fun together and I remember being so happy almost all of the time.  Jordan really made me happy.  He is such a positive person and I knew I liked having that in my life.  

December came and it was time for me to pack up all of my stuff and move out of the Arch house.  Jordan and I decided we would just stop dating (since clearly we couldn't date being 8,000 miles away from each other), Jordan was free to date other girls but we both wanted to keep in contact while I was gone.

To be continued....


  1. ahhh i love this! i remember waiting for michael to ask me out, i think it took him about three weeks too and i seriously thought it took forEVER! haha i love reminiscing.

  2. I loved reading this! I am EXACTLY the same way thinking back on how I met Cole and we started dating- and you are always part of those memories! I have also decided that we always have to stay close....we can have kids that go to BYU and we'll make them be friends! haha


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