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Photo taken with a Canon 60D, lens: Canon 50mm, f/1.8

We had a great night tonight. It included dinner at Mountain West Burrito and then a great BYU football game.

This weekend we were planning on going to New Mexico but unfortunately we had to postpone our trip until next weekend. I'm still excited but this way we will be able to dedicate a little bit more attention to watching General Conference.

Twice a year we get to watch our church on TV. It's fantastic. It usually includes a great breakfast and PJs. Who doesn't love that combination? If you're looking for some form of inspiration in your life, check it out. You wont regret it!

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


  1. I love Mountain West Burrito! We need to go again. What's your favorite thing there? I usually get the chicken taco!

  2. I've never tried the chicken taco, I bet it's way good. I usually get the chicken burrito. And I absolutely love their chips and salsa.


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