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10 things on my mind:


1.  These are my new boots, I bought them this weekend.  I love them.  I have wanted them since the middle of August and this weekend they just happened to be 45% off.  I LOVE them.

2.  This morning I had to take the Technology Skills Assessment.  I have to take this test in order to be a teacher.  I was tested on Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and basic internet searches.  I know all of these pretty well I'd say.  Especially Excel, I finished the Excel test in 7 minutes.  The proctor was quite impressed.

3.  Hot Air Balloons.  I'm ready to see them.  Lots of them.  Albuquerque here we come!

4.  Time - Where is all of mine going?  I never have any.  Wah, wah, wah I'm sure you're saying.  No one has any time.  But seriously...I feel like my life has sped up drastically this semester, resulting in an average of 2 hours home in the evenings, which is not nearly enough to keep the house clean, eat, spend time with Jordan, and finish all of my homework, so some (house work, and homework...mostly the "work" things...) are getting neglected.

5.  Speaking of time...I wish I had more I could spend on taking pictures, something I really enjoy doing.

6.  Today definitely felt like fall.  Especially the beginning.  As we were driving to school this morning we saw some huge lightning bolts, and then it started to rain.  This is fall weather.  Welcome to town.  Stay around.

7.  I started my woods project today.  Remember that TV stand I'm building?  After working on the blueprints/plans and then the cost estimation sheet with a plan of procedures, I'm ready to start.  Oh and lets not forget that I had at least 6 drafts of plans before they were completed.  Let the building begin!  I'm actually really excited about this.

8.  These last 3 are kind of connected.  Remember when I used to live in Jerusalem?  I miss that!  Which brings me to my next point...

9.  I'm ready for a new adventure!  Jordan and I are still trying to go to China this summer.  Which brings me to my next one...

10.  Graduation...I'm ready, already!  Can't I be done yet?  Have I mentioned before that I haven't stopped going to school since Fall 2009?  and by that I mean non-stop school.  That's Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall.  Maybe I'll be done in April?  We'll see...


  1. i cannot believe you've been in school that long, but at least you'll be able to graduate soon! :) ha. and i know how you feel about time! i seriously do not have enough time in a day! except you probably have more on your plate than me. and i'm excited to see how your tv stand turns out!

  2. I know the feeling of non-stop school and I feel for you! Especially being engaged/married = crazy. I just got new (well, the only ones I've ever had) boots too! Except they're my birthday present so I have to waaaiiit :( Glad you did well on your technology tests, I had to take those too. They weren't too hard, just annoying to have to do!

  3. love this post, love the new look, love you.

  4. I'm so ready to graduate as well!
    I've always wanted to go on a hot air ballon!


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