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2011 List: 21.Clark Planetarium movie

This weekend we checked another thing off our list!  I bought a Groupon back in May for the Clark Planetarium because I knew we wanted to go there sometime this year.  We took advantage of it this weekend and headed up to The Gateway for a walk around the mall, a trip to one of my favorite stores and then to the planetarium for some fun.  We loved all of the displays and activities they had there.

Jordan with zero-gravity on the moon and me acting/ not knowing how to act like a martian. Jordan told me this pose was good enough.   After all of the playing we went to a Cosmic Light Show in the Hansen Dome Theater.  We had a great night!


  1. That looks so fun! I've been meaning to go there for ages.

  2. The photos of the two of you with the backdrops are awesome. :)


  3. I love the Clark Planetarium! Especially the photo ops :)


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