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The tickets have been booked and I couldn't be more excited.  I haven't been home since the beginning of May and I think it's about time!

Plus there may be two people who are always growing and are always way taller than they should be who may or may not be turning into teenagers (!) in 5 weeks who I would like to see.

There are a few things in Colorado that I still haven't been able to do with Jordan, and since I feel like it is my responsibility to show him what Colorado has to offer, it's important to me that we do them!

Here's my shortened, very condensed list:
-Rockies Game
-White Fence Farm
-Nuggets Game
-Casa Bonita
-Denver Temple
-Climb the Castle Rock
-16th Street Mall
-Climb a 14er
-Glenwood Springs Hot Springs
-Tattered Cover

There are so many more things I could and probably should add to this list but for now let's keep it at that.

I'm excited for my upcoming trip home!  Also I should mention that I'm excited to be flying out of our very own Provo Airport.


  1. Haha, Casa Bonita! I can't believe that place is still around. That was my absolute FAVORITE growing up.

  2. I know!

    As a kid it is always a favorite...

    ...And then you grow up and realize that the food is nasty.


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