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Saturday afternoon we remembered that we were invited to a Halloween Party for that night. We texted, costumes?  Yes.  Dang.

So we headed upstairs to talk to Dorethy (our 82-year-old landlady) to see if she had anything we could wear.  She found this great suit for Jordan and coincidentally a perfectly matching dress for me.  We felt like we were going to the 70's.

Halloween usually isn't my holiday, but check out our pumpkin this year and our prom pose...Pretty good, right?

Some other notable costumes:

I just had to include this picture, because it reminded me so much of this other picture from our wedding.

What we can gather from this: Jordan and Jared are d-o-r-k-s.

The Pumpkin Carving:

The Results:

It was a great night!  Happy [early] Halloween!

P.S. What are you guys dressing up as this Halloween?


  1. That dress is a dream! SO gorgeous. It's one of my favorite shapes. I'd love to get my hands on one of those someday!

  2. SO you obviously have the coolest landlady ever!!! Not only did she have costumes for y'all, but matching costumes at that.
    Wow!!! Awesome!

  3. holy excellent pumpkin! michael carved one kind of like that, but now i want to do what you guys made!

  4. Ha, what are the chances your land lady would have those. How funny. :)


  5. Halloween isn't my holiday either! Whoa. Your pumpkins look way good! Glad I stumbled across your blog! I'll be sure to stay updated! :)


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