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On our way home from Albuquerque, Jordan and I stopped to meet my Aunt and her family in Moab!  They live in Arizona and since it is their fall break they decided to head up to Moab. When they go to Moab they like to rent Jeeps, and after spending a few hours with them we're just about convinced that it is the best way to experience Moab.  They took us out to a remote spot in Arches National Park, where we climbed up some rocks, hiked around a bit and then had a picnic.  It was so much fun!  After we played and ate we went jeeping for a little bit before we had to hit the road again.  We had a great time!

^^Can you read the first one? MOAB. We thought the second one looked like Anasazi people.  What do you think?^^

There's just something about Moab in the fall that is wonderful.  Click here to see pictures from our trip to Moab last fall.

Thanks Pam and Mitch for such a fun time!


  1. Judging by these lovely photos, it looks like you guys had an amazing time!! :)

  2. Fun pictures! Looks like it's gorgeous out there!

  3. I love the pics Corina! Will you email them to me? We had so much fun playing in Moab with you guys! Thanks for meeting us there.


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