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Oh the places you'll go...(13)


Time for some new feet pictures!  Your feet and the ground you walk on tell a story...a story of where you've been and where you're going.  Seeing these always makes me so happy.  and I love seeing the places you go!

These first few are from Krista:

Taken in Island Park, ID @ her family's cabin

@ Island Park, also, in the freezing cold water (even in July) of the Henry's Fork of the Snake River

@ the University of Arizona campus at the "Women's Plaza of Honor"

This one is of Krista's cousin when he was stationed with the Air Force in Guam

These next two are from Lauren:

Her brother and his wife on their wedding day in Stockholm, Sweden

@ the Louvre in Paris, France

Updated Map:

Find more feet pictures here.
Where have you been lately?  
If you'd like, email me your feet pictures and I will add them to my map and put them here on my blog!


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  1. K this is the coolest idea ever!! I'm trying to think of a fun place I could take a picture of my feet to join in on the fun. Hmm, Provo Utah only gets so exciting. ha, this is such a fun idea though, I had to tell you that.


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