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Bad Weather

Please observe the current weather conditions and the state of Y mountain.

WHAT THE HECK?  Where did this come from?  Those massive clouds are dumping unwanted snow.  SNOW!

Please snow, stop.  Stop.

You may rain, and be chilly, but you MAY NOT snow.  Not yet.  And here is why:

-Jordan has class in Salt Lake tonight
-Albuquerque tomorrow
-Today is October 6th
-It just stopped being hot

All in all, I just want slightly chilly weather.  
Weather where I can wear a sweater, not a coat.  
Weather where you can still drive safely.  
Weather where you don't have to clear snow off the windshield.  

Thank you.  That is all.




  1. Oh my word. It's way too early for snow :x

  2. It's snowing in the mountains up here in Logan, but thankfully not down by us. It's only a matter of time though. Depressing.

    I hate winter.

    And I agree--I feel like I never got sweater/light jacket weather. That's the best time of year! We'd better not get cheated out of it this season.

  3. haha! i agree. it snowed in rexburg too. i'm all for snow and everything but i want a fall season in between summer and winter! it was like 90 degrees last week and now it snows?


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