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It's officially Christmas time around our house.  We have our tree up and all of our decorations out.  We had a great time "trimming" the tree.  I love just sitting and looking at it!  It's even better than last year.  I LOVE Christmas time.

This is officially my favorite Christmas ornament of all time.  Hands down.  If our kids are half as cute as Jordan was when he was little, we'll be set!

Do you have your tree up yet?

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get to my driveway...

Jordan and I live in a luxurious basement apartment that is partially above ground.  The other day I looked out the window and found myself staring at this chicken.  We don't have any chickens so this was just a random chicken on our driveway.  I thought it was the funniest thing.  He didn't want to leave.  He was at our house the morning we had to leave for Boise, so when we left town he was still in our yard.  When we came home he was gone.  I'm imaging that he made it back to his family safely.

Thanksgiving Thoughts 2011


Jordan and I had a great time in Boise for Thanksgiving with the Sorensen Family.  Our Thanksgiving was full of everything a good Thanksgiving should have: yummy food, family, puzzles, games, crafts, movies, and rest.

Thanksgiving Thoughts:

1.  This was my first ever trip to Boise.

2.  Grandpa Sorensen taught me how to make frames in his shop.  I made 4 frames and I love them!  You'd think I'd want a break from woodworking, but I did actually spend a few hours in the shop.  This project was a bit more relaxing though and I didn't feel rushed at all (unlike every second spent in the school shop these days).

3.  One night we watched 17 Miracles which Jordan and I hadn't seen yet.  We really liked it.  It was a great reminder about what we should be thankful for in our lives.

4.  Another night we watched Planes, Trains, and Automobiles which is a Sorensen Thanksgiving tradition.  I hadn't seen that movie in a long time and it was just as funny as ever.  Our favorite line this time around was "I'd trade you pillows but I'm allergic to sponge."

5.  26 people under one roof and we didn't feel cramped or crouded.  Grandma and Grandpa's house is perfect for this kind of holiday.

6.  We didn't participate in any Black Friday shopping.  It sure was nice sleeping in though!

7.  One thing that the Sorensen's really like is card games.  Upon entering this family I immediately had to learn how to play Screwy Louie and Rook.  We played LOTS of card games this weekend.

8.  Jordan's favorite food was the stuffing.

9.  Kian's birthday is today.  He is officially 8!  We celebrated last night with some Mud Pie and presents.

10.  Overall it was a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We're home now and are ready to jump back into these last few weeks of the semester.  Bring it on!


I have so much to be thankful for in my life, but the two things I am the most thankful for are my family and the gospel.  I'm thankful for my parents and everything they have done for me in my life.  I'm thankful for their love and support.  I'm thankful for Dylan and Logan and the fun, smart, loving people they are.  I'm thankful for Jordan and how positive he always is, and that he is always and will always be there for me.  I'm even thankful for my new family and that I get to spend Thanksgiving with them.  And most importantly I'm thankful for the gospel.  I'm thankful for my knowledge of the Savior and all that he has done for me.  I'm thankful that because of him I get to be with my family forever.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Clicks - Snow

Yesterday we woke up to snow.  Not too much snow making the roads bad but just enough snow to be exciting. Jordan and I headed up the canyon in the morning to take some family Christmas Card pictures which was cold fun.

The canyon was beautiful, with snow on the tips of all the trees.  We just did some self-timer pictures which usually is a funny experience.  I have to tell a joke or tickle Jordan before almost every picture in order to get a real smile out of him.  We ended up with some good pictures but I think I'll share some of the silly ones because I think they're cute too.

In the afternoon Claire and I headed up to Salt Lake to catch a bit of Time out for Women which was really good.  After that we met up with our husbands and a few other friends for a session at the Salt Lake Temple.  I love going there.  For dinner we headed to Buca Di Beppo and boy was it delicious!  We finished the night off with some games at Jared and Jessica's house.  What a great day!

Current Pinterest Loves


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There is a girl in my major named Tara who recently bought a big box of pomegranates. She soon found out that I love pomegranates.  A few days later she slipped 4 of them into my backpack.  What a great surprise!  I was shocked.    She is such a nice friend and a great girl.

So as a thank you I decided I would paint her a picture of pomegranates.  I hope she likes it.

I'm doing another GIVEAWAY this week on Finding Beauty in the Ordinary.
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Happy Wednesday!

Colorado Trip (3) 2011


These little babies just turned 13.  They are officially teenagers, with braces and cell phones.  Their birthday was on Saturday so Jordan and I took a trip out to Colorado to see them.  We had a great time!

Jordan and I flew out of Provo for the first time.  It was pretty convenient but our flight was crazy.  I don't want to go into the details but lets just say we took off AND landed in Provo.  4 hours later we arrived in Denver.

Saturday night we went to dinner at White Fence Farm.  I love the atmosphere, and decor as well as the food.  It was SO yummy.  My grandma and the Rusts were able to come with us too.  It was fun to spend time with them.  Sarah's birthday was on Friday (11.11.11) so we celebrated 3 birthdays while we were there. 

I had my first Freddy's experience while we were there, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  Please Freddy's move to Utah!  I would like to mention that I am a huge fry lover, so much so that I would call myself a french fry connoisseur, and let me tell you these fries were definitely among my favorite.  Plus the concretes (milkshakes) were delicious.

We also played about 50 games of Uno, played some basketball and went swimming.  Couldn't have asked for a better trip.  I was sad when it was time to leave.  Good thing we'll be headed back in a little over a month for Christmas!

10 current thoughts and 13.Bowl a turkey


1. Most students stress about tests or papers...nope, not me, not in my major. I'm stressing about my wood shop project. I'm making a TV stand. This is a skill I never thought I would develop (and am still not sure I have...) but I'm trying my best and am putting in my fair share of hours working on this thing. So far this week I have spend 12 hours in the shop. I love how it is coming together, I just hope I can finish it on time. I'm supposed to have it basically done (minus the finish) the Tuesday after Thanksgiving Break. Wish me luck!

2. I will admit that I have already started listening to Christmas music. Now to some people this probably goes against what they fundamentally believe to be true, but I love Christmas music. It makes me feel happy. It makes me think about the Savior and why not start feeling good and thinking about the real meaning of Christmas a little bit earlier? I'm all for it.

And while we're on this subject I thought I would tell you that my favorite Christmas cd is the Carpenters Christmas Portrait. What's yours?

3. The past two nights I have been able to spend some time with one of my former roommates, Jamie. Her and her husband currently live in Idaho but came down to Provo for a visit. It's been so much fun spending time with her. Last night a bunch of our other roommates came over as well. It was fun to be together again. Oh the Arch House days....

4. Jordan sent me a text today that said "Happy 11/11/11 11:11:11!" He got to have a one minute celebration in his class, that included blowing bubbles and cheering.

5. Another class project I've been working on is a video about painting. It's been fun filming such a fun medium. I've loved working with all of the pretty colors of paint and beautiful paintings. If it turns out how I hope it does I will put it up here after I finish.

6. This weekend we're taking a much needed trip. We're headed to Colorado. I can't wait to see my family. AND we're flying. Does anyone else love flying? I love it. No matter where I'm going, I love it. I especially love flying to Colorado because it is so fast, the tickets are usually cheap, and it saves 16 hours of my life.

7. This has been a fantastic winter. I have been enjoying the chilly weather and the snow. Wait...I mean lack of snow! Let me say that again. I LOVE that it hasn't really snowed yet.

8. When Jordan and I were newly dating we decided to skip class one time and go bowling instead. For me that's just one of those fun memories I hope I'll always have.

Well today Devan (Jordan's brother), Jordan and I went bowling during our little break for lunch. We have a bowling alley in our student center and each student gets a free game of bowling every year. We had a great time.

9. Speaking of of the things on our list this year was to bowl a turkey. We knew this was probably a long shot but we put it on there anyway. Now before you get too excited, we didn't actually bowl a turkey but Jordan did get 4 spares in a row and I think that's about as close as we're going to get this year so I'm checking it off the list.

10. And lastly I'm not sure if you can see it in that bowling score picture but Jordan named me pasta for our bowling game. And the reason: I was eating pasta for lunch as we bowled. Here's a little fact about me... I love pasta. It is my favorite food. We have it for dinner 1-2 times a week. And then again for lunch about that often as left-overs. Any other pasta lovers out there?



[top: originals (found here and here), bottom: mine]

I recently found these on Pinterest and immediately knew I needed them.  About the same time I found them, we started learning about Adobe Illustrator in one of my classes so I thought I would try to copy them for some practice. They aren't perfect but I love how they turned out and I loved that I was able to tweak some things to get them looking exactly how I wanted them to.  I got them printed and they are now hanging in my house.  It was the perfect Saturday afternoon project.

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