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10 current thoughts and 13.Bowl a turkey


1. Most students stress about tests or papers...nope, not me, not in my major. I'm stressing about my wood shop project. I'm making a TV stand. This is a skill I never thought I would develop (and am still not sure I have...) but I'm trying my best and am putting in my fair share of hours working on this thing. So far this week I have spend 12 hours in the shop. I love how it is coming together, I just hope I can finish it on time. I'm supposed to have it basically done (minus the finish) the Tuesday after Thanksgiving Break. Wish me luck!

2. I will admit that I have already started listening to Christmas music. Now to some people this probably goes against what they fundamentally believe to be true, but I love Christmas music. It makes me feel happy. It makes me think about the Savior and why not start feeling good and thinking about the real meaning of Christmas a little bit earlier? I'm all for it.

And while we're on this subject I thought I would tell you that my favorite Christmas cd is the Carpenters Christmas Portrait. What's yours?

3. The past two nights I have been able to spend some time with one of my former roommates, Jamie. Her and her husband currently live in Idaho but came down to Provo for a visit. It's been so much fun spending time with her. Last night a bunch of our other roommates came over as well. It was fun to be together again. Oh the Arch House days....

4. Jordan sent me a text today that said "Happy 11/11/11 11:11:11!" He got to have a one minute celebration in his class, that included blowing bubbles and cheering.

5. Another class project I've been working on is a video about painting. It's been fun filming such a fun medium. I've loved working with all of the pretty colors of paint and beautiful paintings. If it turns out how I hope it does I will put it up here after I finish.

6. This weekend we're taking a much needed trip. We're headed to Colorado. I can't wait to see my family. AND we're flying. Does anyone else love flying? I love it. No matter where I'm going, I love it. I especially love flying to Colorado because it is so fast, the tickets are usually cheap, and it saves 16 hours of my life.

7. This has been a fantastic winter. I have been enjoying the chilly weather and the snow. Wait...I mean lack of snow! Let me say that again. I LOVE that it hasn't really snowed yet.

8. When Jordan and I were newly dating we decided to skip class one time and go bowling instead. For me that's just one of those fun memories I hope I'll always have.

Well today Devan (Jordan's brother), Jordan and I went bowling during our little break for lunch. We have a bowling alley in our student center and each student gets a free game of bowling every year. We had a great time.

9. Speaking of of the things on our list this year was to bowl a turkey. We knew this was probably a long shot but we put it on there anyway. Now before you get too excited, we didn't actually bowl a turkey but Jordan did get 4 spares in a row and I think that's about as close as we're going to get this year so I'm checking it off the list.

10. And lastly I'm not sure if you can see it in that bowling score picture but Jordan named me pasta for our bowling game. And the reason: I was eating pasta for lunch as we bowled. Here's a little fact about me... I love pasta. It is my favorite food. We have it for dinner 1-2 times a week. And then again for lunch about that often as left-overs. Any other pasta lovers out there?


  1. Can't wait to see how your paint video turns out! I'd love to see it here. And yes, I also love pasta :)

  2. 1. It's not winter yet!!
    2. When I read bowl a turkey, I thought you meant set up some pins somewhere and use a frozen turkey to bowl (I've actually heard of people doing that!) But Jordan's score is way more impressive :)
    3. LOVE pasta...I'm a pasta snob though. I don't like plain skinny noodles, even though I make them sometimes because Devin does. I could eat tortellini and/or ravioli every single day, but as far as noodles go I love penne.

  3. haha i love pasta!!! i could seriously eat it all day. too bad michael isn't the same haha. oh and i love christmas music as well! i like your reasoning for listening to it haha:)


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